Meet Select Italy Team: Giuseppe

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Giuseppe Fiocco

1) Name and what you do at Select Italy?

My name is Giuseppe Fiocco and I am an intern in the Operations department at Select Italy’s office in Chicago.

2) What’s your favorite Italian destination?

My answer is Bologna. After my undergraduate studies in beautiful Tuscany I decided to take a postgraduate masters degree there, because Bologna is known for having such an outstanding university history. There is so much going on every day of the week. A city inhabited by young people from all over Italy and the world who came here to get their laurea (University degree). After three years of living in Bologna I left a big family there. And now I can’t wait to go back for a big reunion.

3) With whom would you go there?

I would even say ‘alone’, after my English friend once told me: “You can go out in Bologna alone and the day after have ten new friends.” Bologna is such a friendly place. It is perfect if you go with your family or with your friends. I tried that both. Great times are guaranteed!

4) Which three things should never be missing from one’s luggage when traveling to Italy?

  1. It is better to bring comfortable shoes if you want to take long walks or don’t want to wait for buses that are always late.
  2. At least two adapters, since one is never enough.
  3. Fancy sunglasses (you will need them for sun and for style in Italy).
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Main square in Bologna, Italy

5) What Italian food are you addicted to?

My culinary experience in Italy couldn’t have been greater so far. Living in different parts of Italy for some time also meant having a chance to try many different local dishes from all over the “boot.”  Ranging from the Northern specialties (like tortellini in brodo,  or the famous sugo alla Bolognese), Central ones (the famous pici toscani, or crostini neri), and the Southern ones that I know very well as I was born and raised in Calabria. But If I had to choose one in particular I must say seafood. When I go back home I cannot wait to have a big plate of spaghetti with cozze e vongole, possibly with a good amount of pepper. And, why not, a glass of white wine.

6) Reveal one of your best-kept secrets about Italy…food, shopping, unique views, restaurants, or your favorite T4T!

As I spent enough time in Bologna let’s say something about the nightlife there. And let’s talk about a famous meal that you take before dinner but is not dinner: the Aperitivo. Why not go to one of the small streets close to Piazza Maggiore, like Via Clavature or Via Degli Orefici and have a bunch of salumi — first and foremost mortadella — together with delicious local cheese, tigelle (a kind of bread), and a glass of wine. Another great option would be an aperitivo spritz in one of the friendly and cozy pubs along Via Zamboni. You will have so much food during your aperitivo that you will not feel like having dinner later on. Finally, if you want to try the student lifestyle then sit in Piazza Verdi. Have a chat with your friends and chill there as long as the Piazza is crowded. You will feel completely immersed in the student atmosphere and feel something unique!


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