6 Things To Do On Your Sailboat or Yacht Charter Getaway

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Italy, Croatia, or the entire Mediterranean – we can arrange for a yacht charter anywhere, anytime!

The finest way to discover the 1001 islands that compose the Croatian coastline or exploring hidden gems on the Island of Capri is certainly with a yacht charter or sailboat, allowing you to freely hop from island to island. Here are some tips and fun things to organize whilst cruising around the Mediterranean.

1. Get a Tan – The Mediterranean way

Along the Mediterranean coast it is believed that sunblock stops the sun’s rays from creating Vitamin D in the body. Moderate sun exposure is encouraged, especially in Croatia, and Croatians have a secret weapon: Olive Oil! So rub some extra virgin olive oil onto your skin, during and after sunbathing. It’s an old custom that gives the skin hydration and the perfect European glow. So at your port stop, pick-up some local olive oil from the sweet granny at the farmers market!

2. Read, Write and Snap Away

Don’t leave your hobbies behind. When sailing or yachting, it’s the perfect time to carry your hobby with you! If you’re a bookworm, bring along a couple of books, so you can lie in the sun and catch up on your reading without being disturbed. It is also a great opportunity to write. Your sailboat or yacht could be like your very own writing retreat, with the sea breeze and smell of salt water giving you inspiration for your creativity.

Another must is to have your camera strapped around your neck. Frame moments and take lots of photographs as you cruise by dramatic scenery and lush mountain backdrops, and encounter historic Rivieras. Discover the Mediterranean through your camera lens and capture your holiday–it’s a fun activity as you explore a new destination. This way you can preserve the sailing experience and revisit those special moments anytime, by flicking through an album or sharing on social media for your friends to see.

sailboat yacht charter

Capture the Moment

3. Have a Boat Party

There are so many reasons why you should organize a boat party. There are no limitations out on the sea and you can enjoy partying under the stars  — all night long! You could have a theme party, such as ‘The Great Gatsby’, ‘A Cigar Bar’, or ‘Casino Night’, or you could grab the microphone, sing karaoke, and dance the night away! You could also get a chef on board to prepare a customized menu, filled with local produce and luxuries.

While you prepare for your holiday, check the local festivities schedule. Many sailing destinations have local festivals that can be very interesting and great fun, and you may even be able to continue the revelry on board!

4. Taste The Local Cuisine & Wine

Discover the local produce, bottles of wine, rolling vineyards, 1000-year-old olive trees and the lushness of the Mediterranean. Local cuisine is something that should be “discovered” when spending time on shore, so walk around and explore local delicatessen and speciality food stores — you never know what foodie pit stop you could uncover. It is always a good idea to book a guided tour and indulge in local specialties that will take you around picturesque Dalmatian countrysides, making stops at wineries. Or learn how to prepare a real southern Italian dish in the center of Sorrento: Master the Art of Neapolitan Cooking, and bring back domestic bottles of wine and recipes, pop open the red, and practice your Sorrentine-style gnocchi.

5. Discover the Water World

Anchor your boat and uncover the water world of the Adriatic Sea. Swimming is great exercise and also an amazing leisure activity. Add some extra fun to your swim by snorkeling, or even an underwater camera — a great way to see aquatic life!

Or how about simply jumping off your yacht or sail boat and perfecting your dive? If that’s too tame, you can go jet skiing, tubing or wake-boarding — all these extreme water sports are a great way to get your adrenaline pumping!

Looking for a quiet activity? Maybe some afternoon fishing, and if you get lucky, you can take back your catch for dinner at home!

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Kornati Islands

6. Watch a Gorgeous Sunset Every night

In 1964, the famous Alfred Hitchcock was quoted as saying: “Zadar, Croatia has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West, Florida.”

Stand there and watch the sun meet the sea, the glorious colors and how they affect the surrounding islands and coastlines — and it is even better when you enjoy it while at sea. Don’t forget your camera! Click away before this perfect photo-op disappears!

To be out on the open sea is a playground for the senses, so what are you waiting for? Summer is over and its time to start planning your next sun-kissed escape!

What do you do for fun on a yacht or sailboat vacation? Share your experience with us!

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  1. Great list of fun things you can do during your yachting vacation. Everything that you can do on land is even more fun on a boat so throw a party and enjoy the view! Thanks for the tips.

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