Meet Select Italy Team: Selene


Selene loves her summer dresses

1. Name and What do you do at Select Italy?

My name is Selene! I am an Intern in the Marketing and Production Departments in the New York City office of Select Italy.

2. What’s your favorite Italian destination?

I think Italy is full of amazing places but “home is where the heart is” so my answer is Conegliano, the surrounding hills and the Venetian area! But if I had to go somewhere else in Italy I would definitely go to see the Palio di Siena!

3. Whom would you go there with?

I would go there with my little sister and my friends, the funniest people in the world!

4. Which 3 things should never be missing from one’s luggage when traveling to Italy?

If you are coming to Italy you must not forget to bring a good camera so that you could take pictures of all the amazing things you’ll see, a good appetite for the delicious food you’ll taste and of course you must not be lazy or shy: talk to people, go everywhere you can and don’t miss any opportunity! Italy is full of beautiful things to do and see, try to get the most of them!

5. What Italian food are you addicted to?

I think there are thousands of Italian foods I am addicted to, but I would put on the first place my grandmother’s Lasagne, of course they’re the best in the world!

Reveal to us a secret about Italy! Food, shop, unique view, restaurant, your favorite T4T…Whatever, we are really curious!

If you will ever come to visit Venice, never forget to leave a free day to get lost in the city! This is the only way you will be able to find the most secret places, get the most amazing views and discover the real Venice! ..and don’t forget to stop in a Bacaro (very small bar you will find only in Venice) to have an Ombra and a Cicchetto (a small glass of wine and some fingerfood)!

Do you want to ask something directly to Selene? Leave a comment below and she will reply!

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