Meet Select Italy Team: Christina

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Christina’s favorite Italian food is pizza

1. Name and what you do at Select Italy?

Hi, my name is Christina Ciancio and I am a Custom Travel Specialist. Basically, I make people’s dreams come true!

2. What is your favorite Italian destination?

I could probably narrow it down to my top three, seeing as I’ve visited 142 cities and counting! After having studied in Florence for a semester in college, I just couldn’t stay away. I moved back and worked as a tour guide for 2 years. Florence will always be my home away from home. Stintino & l’Isola Asinara, Sardegna is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. The Island of Capri is probably my favorite place to visit. The overwhelming beauty and the people and culture of Southern Italy soothe the soul.

3. Whom would you go there with?

My friends, my family, my boyfriend… pretty much anyone who is willing to come with me!

4. Which three things should never be missing from one’s luggage when traveling to Italy?

  • A swimsuit, because almost all of my favorite destinations in Italy involve turquoise waters and secret beaches.
  • A camera (with a charger), to capture every moment of your trip, and relive it once you return back to the real world.
  • Lots of empty space, to fill with all of the leather, gold and Italian delicacies you will gather along the way!

Capri is one of Christina’s Top 3 Italian destinations

5. What Italian food are you addicted to?

I could probably eat a vera pizza Napoletana every day of the week, and never get sick of it. Traditional Margherita with Bufala mozzarella and drizzled with piccante olive oil is my top pick. Especially with a shot of Limoncello to finish!

6. Reveal to us a secret about Italy! Food, shop, unique view, restaurant, your favorite T4T… Whatever we are really curious!

In the main piazzetta of Capri, as soon as you step out of the funicular, there is a colorful granita stand. The owner Giorgio uses hand painted ceramic tiles for his menu, and has been here for years. My personal favorite is the “Special” Granita, half lemon slush with freshly squeezed orange juice poured over the top. He goes through so many oranges and lemons a day that locals come to replenish his supply every couple of hours. This refreshing citrus treat, paired with the breathtaking views are an experience I recommend for anyone traveling to Italy.

What do you think of Christina’s favorite destinations? 

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