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Guly calls Florence, home

1. Name and what you do at Select Italy?

Ciao, my name is Andrea Guglielmino, AKA Guly, I work at Select Italy’s New York office and I’m the Director of Digital Marketing. What does it mean? I’ll try to explain what I do in 140 characters or less: Internet Marketing, including search engine marketing, online advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, PRs, etc.

126, Nailed It!

In plain English, I use multiple tools to analyze trends and deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers through our different communication platforms. You may ask… what are these tools? If that is the case leave a message in the comment section and I’ll be happy to answer… if you are not one of our competitors :)

2. What is your favorite Italian destination?

I’m from Florence so Tuscany is home and that answer would be too obvious, so I will avoid mentioning Elba Island…. On the top of my list there are two southern destinations: Sicily and Puglia (or Apulia). I guess I have both of them in my veins: my father was born in Catania while my maternal grandfather was from the province of Brindisi. I love to travel to both regions and experience their food and culture. If I needed to pick just one destination in both, I would say Aeolian Islands and Salento.

3. Whom would you go there with?

I guess I can say whatever I want, right? No limits? So I  would go there with my fiancé, soon-to-be wife, my family and her family. All together. It doesn’t happen often to be able to spend time all together as my family lives in Florence while her family is in Minnesota. I would also invite my Italian friends, at least a dozen of them. And if money in this fantasy isn’t an issue, I would bring my American friends as well. Oh yes, I would also take with us Micheal Jordan, Matt Cutts, Mumford and Sons and Conan.

Sounds like an unique get together, right?

4. Which three things should never be missing from one’s luggage when traveling to Italy?

I would like to answer passion, patience, and curiosity but I’m sure you want something else and that would be very cheesy, so here are my three items:

  • A camera, to immortalize the amazing places and people that you will discover. Even better; a smartphone so that you can share it with your friends (and on our Facebook page…)
  • A nice shirt or button down. I love the custom made shirts paired with nice shoes. There is no place where you can’t get in at night if you look good (click here for one of our guides)
  • A luggage scale. You will need it to avoid the extra fees due to the many souvenirs you will take home.

5. What Italian food are you addicted to?

Florentine Steak

A Florentine Steak

I’m addicted to – pasta. I have this weird issue now that I live in the United States, I can’t resist sales and deals on pasta. Every time I walk into a grocery store if one my favorite brands is on sale, I will buy that 3 for 2 or similar deals. I just can’t pass it up. I guess I’m an impulsive shopper for pasta. That sounds like an addiction that requires rehab. And in case you are wondering, my favorite sauce is puttanesca. Also, every time I go back home need to have at least one juicy Florentine steak and a delicious panino al lampredotto. (lampredotto sandwich)

6. Reveal to us a secret about Italy! Food, shop, unique view, restaurant, your favorite T4T…Whatever we are really curious!

Tips for travelers (T4T) has plenty of secrets unknown to the majority of tourists. I can share one of my  favorite T4Ts, but there are many others in our awesome collection. In Florence it is Trattoria da Mario, a little restaurant opened only for lunch with common tables and real Tuscan food. The popularity has spread to visitors and now the wait can be brutal…but it is well worth it and still is one of my favorite stops.

Thirsty for something else? When is hot outside skip the usual espresso and go for the big prize. Three words: crema di caffe. Enough said. All the golosi out there can thank me later.

In the end if I need to reveal the key to experience Italy at its best, I think it boils down to being independent. Get uncomfortable, avoid hanging out in your free time with too many tourists and try to mingle with real Italians. That will allow you to soak up the real essence of my country. Sit back, relax, and go with the flow. You won’t regret it.

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