Italy with Kids: 8 Things Your Children Will Love About This Country

italy with kids

Italy is a kid-friendly destination

If you are planning a trip with your loved ones and are not sure about which country is the most appropriate for your “unforgettable” vacation, choose Italy and you will be surprised by the diversity of family destinations you are about to encounter. Visiting Italy with kids is the perfect trip for every member of the family because this surprising country offers a large number of exciting activities for both grown-ups and kids. Here is a short list of 8 amazing things you can do in Italy that your children will just love!

#1 – Kids Love Trains

Children love trains! We all remember the first time we watched a train while holding our parents’ hand! Unlike the USA, in Italy the most common mode of transportation to move between cities is actually train. They are cheaper and easier to take than planes, and they are the best way to discover the Italian countryside and admire enchanting views through their large windows. In addition, there are a wide variety of special discounts for children under age 15. Trains in Italy have starred in movies, played feature roles in European novels, and serviced Italians and visitors alike for almost two centuries. Discovering Italy through this mode of transportation will make your family vacation exciting and comfortable at the same time.

italy with kids

Molise rural landscape

2# – Children Adore Beaches

It goes without saying that beaches are the perfect place in which both parents and little ones have lots of fun. The good news is that Italy happens to be a peninsula, with miles and miles of never-ending beautiful coasts! Italy has a long tradition of “summer tourism” so its beaches offer all the facilities that a family needs, including a large number of entertaining activities for children. There is a wealth of choice when it comes to picking the right place for your family trip, and the advice we can give you is just to consider that – in general – the more south you go, cheaper the beaches are. If you are going in Italy with kids book your trip during the summer and get ready to have lots of fun!

italy with kids

Children playing on the beach

#3 – Italy is the Land of Sweets

One of the major problems when traveling abroad is without any doubt getting used to local food, especially if you are traveling with children who might be quite picky when it comes to eating! Well, in Italy this is not an issue, and eating is actually one of the most enjoyable experience you will have in this country. Italian cuisine, in fact, is loved by people of all ages, which will make your vacation “tantrum-free,” allowing the family to enjoy amazing meals in typical restaurants. But the best part comes at the end of the meal: Italy is the land of sweets! The list of Italian delicacies is simply endless. Italian “gelato” (ice cream), for instance, is something that every child loves!

italy with kids

Fresh gelato is the perfect treat for kids and kids at heart!

4# – Every Kid Wishes to be a Gladiator

The ancient glory of the Roman Empire is something that fascinates people of all ages! We have all heard of this glorious empire while at school and dreamed of being a gladiator or a Roman emperor. In fact, Rome is still the most desired destination among American tourists. After visiting the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and all the fascinating ruins of this ancient empire there is a new exciting activity that is perfect for a family: to become a gladiator for a day! This is an interactive lesson during which the whole family has fun. You and your kids will learn the fighting techniques developed more than 2,000 years ago by professional swordsmen in ancient Rome.

Italy with kids

The Colosseum is also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre

#5 – Venice is a Unique Experience Every Child Should Try

Visiting Italy with kids and not going to Venice is something your children will blame you for the rest of their life! The uniqueness of this city and its mysterious atmosphere is perfect for a family vacation. Boarding a gondola through Venice’s canals or wandering around its narrow and remote streets are activities that make a family trip unforgettable. Also, there are many guided tours in Venice that are tailored for families: you can choose to learn the craft of mask making or opt for a full-day tour developed specifically for the needs of children. The list is endless!

italy with kids

A gondola in Venice

#6 – Kids Love Cooking with Parents

Raise your hand if you have never spent a Sunday morning in the kitchen cooking a meal with your children! This is an activity that most every family loves doing, something that can be easily replicated in Italy, the land of food. Here you and your little rugrats can get your hands dirty in the dough, learning how to make pasta and all the mouth-watering Italian specialties. Taking cooking lessons as part of your holiday in Italy will add a touch of fun and creativity to your experience in this marvelous country. There are many cooking classes you can take in Italy, just choose the city you wish to visit and you will have a wealth of choices!

Italy with kids

Children will enjoy cooking classes

#7 – Children Love Exploring

Let’s face it, a trip along with children is not as easy as it looks! They get tired quickly, have different needs, and, most of all, their level of interest in walking around seeing monuments is a lot lower than adults. The best way to make your trip interesting is to let them explore and give them a theme, and Italy is the perfect scenario to play this kind of game. If you are in Venice you can have them find and count bridges and fountains, there are many in the city; in Rome you can make them find all the SPQR signs scattered all over the city. Italian cities’ historic centers are so picturesque with their narrow streets and tiny alleyways that your children will quickly find themselves in a fairyland!

italy with kids

Latin inscriptions

#8 – Kids Love Amusement Parks

The USA is the Mecca of amusement parks, so visiting one of these in Italy might sound like ordering a pizza in the United States! My advice is to give it a chance and visit one without prejudice and, to your great surprise, you will discover that amusement parks in Italy are more relaxed and clean than those in the US, and might just be the perfect getaway for a family trip in a timeless country like Italy. Italy is full of amusement parks, and more are opening in the latest years, but the biggest and most fun are in the northern part of the country. Try “Gardaland,” situated on the banks of Lake Garda and few miles away from the romantic city of Verona, this is the biggest and most famous in Italy. Otherwise you could go a little bit southern and visit “Mirabilandia,” located in the region of Emilia-Romagna, very close to the the city of Ravenna, whose old town center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

italy with kids

Visiting amusement parks in Italy offers a relaxing and fun time for children!

Visiting Italy with kids is more fun with these 8 exciting things to do. Do you think there are other activities you would like to do with your loved ones? Tell us in the comments and we will provide you with all the information you need!



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