Travel: From Dreaming to Sharing [INFOGRAPHIC]

A few days ago I was in the midst of a conversation with Amalia, one of the interns here in the NYC office. We were talking about the long established importance of the web in the travel industry and in particular of the increasing role of online visual experiences. In the “Always-on” era we are constantly exposed to images and videos from all around the globe, available on any sort of media and device. Social Media has played a Key role in this new dynamic: think of your friends’ Facebook albums that are filled with landscapes and sunsets from their vacation!

After our chat Amalia found this nice interactive infographic titled “5 Stages of Travel”,  made by Google, that shows the influence of the Wold Wide Web in each of the five stages of travel.  Take a look.

Not bad at all, Google!

A clear takeaway is the role of visual for dreaming. You should be happy to know that Select Italy is well aware of it and has worded in this direction producing a series of visually compelling contents. Some examples? Check out the recently re-vamped, the monthly Newsletters, the established YouTube Channel, the images and news shared on our Facebook page and much more. So what are you waiting for? Come dream, and share, with us.

What about you? What’s the biggest takeaway from the infographic?



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