13 Reasons Why Biking is Better

This morning in my email box I found the usual newsletter from The Florentine, the longest-running English-language publication in Florence. As Florentine myself I enjoyed  the read on how the city is working toward becoming one of the most bike-friendly cities in Europe. I also liked the illustration made by Leo Cardini that shows 13 reasons why biking is better. Here it is:

This is the link to the post where the illustration first appeared. There you will also find an interesting interview to Giampiero Gallo, commissioner for Bicycle-related Policies of the City of Florence.

A Bike With A View: Florence Bike Tours

For a while now Select Italy has been offering bike tours to get an introduction to the splendor of Florence’s centro storico along with other tours on two wheels to explore the Tuscan Countryside a few miles south of the city.

Now is your turn! Name a reason why biking is better!



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