The 9 Coolest Apps to Travel With in Europe

Forget loading your suitcase with guidebooks, maps, handwritten packing lists and your address book: here are a few of the coolest apps for your every on-the-road need to Europe. With the right apps you will optimize your smartphone, minimize your luggage weight and maximize your travel time. Some of the Apps you may or may not be familiar with, but you will definitely come to adore all of them!

1. Google Translate


You will never be lost for words with this app!

About  – It’s an incredibly straightforward, handy and reliable instant language translator.

Who it’s for – Apple and Android users. Windows Phone and Blackberry users can also use the basic functions.

Why we love it  Speak and fit in like a local. You will never have the um-argh moment again and once the app is downloaded the language package app can be used offline – perfect!

Cost – Free.

2. Spotted by Locals

If you don’t want to stick out like a tourist you better check out this app!


About – City guide with always up-to-date & local insider tips created by loving and know-it-all locals.

Who is it for – Apple and Android users.

Why we love it – A series of travel guides on over 56 European cities, including Zagreb and Rome. With this app you can feel, move and act like a homegrown local and stay updated on the best places to dine, wine and checkout.

Cost: Free.

3. Visit Europe

This app will provide you with all official updates about what’s going on in Europe.


About  This app is your one shop stop! Download various mobile apps that are recognized by National Tourism Organizations that can help you find your way around while exploring Europe.

Who is it for – Apple users.

Why we love it – Makes your travel life easier by discovering amazing cultural heritage, “must-sees,” not so obvious monuments, castles, beaches throughout countries such as Italy, Croatia, France, and many more.

Cost – Free (platform availability varies by country).

4. Measures – Unit and Currency Converter


About – Measures is the app that will guide you in all your European travel questions regarding conversion of US dollar, temperature in Fahrenheit and meters into feet with just a few taps on your cell. You will never be lost with the Measures unit and currency conversion app.

Who is it for Apple users.

Why we love it – It has daily updated currency exchange rates for 170 countries and a user-friendly all-in-one display screen.

Cost: $1.99

5. Viber

This app frees you from the worry of how much you will be charged for your next phone call and text.


About – Viber is all about free calls, text and picture sharing with anyone, anywhere in the world!

Who is it for AppleAndroid, BlackBerry and  Windows Phone users.

Why we love it – You can use it on your mobile or laptop, it connects and syncs with your existing contacts, its easy to use, and the quality is fabulous!

Cost: Free

6. Wi-Fi Finder

Never be without Internet with this app!


About – The perfect and essential app to locate Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Finder instantly finds free Wi-Fi hotspots for you anywhere around the world.

Who is it for – Apple and  Android users.

Why we love it – You will never be without Internet and itcan be used in over 144 countries with over 650,000 locations.

Cost – Free.

7. Travel List

Pack like a pro with the best packing app on the market!


About – The essential app for packing! It’s the easiest way to get ready for your next trip. Create a packing list in an instant and you’re ready to go!

Who is it for Apple users.

Why we love it – You save precious time, it’s simple and the layout is so darn cute, this app will ensure that you don’t forget your toothbrush!

Cost – $1.99

8. Ulmon – City Maps 2Go

The perfect travel buddy this app will provide you accurate offline maps.


About – An easy global travel buddy featuring detailed offline maps, interesting travel content and tips from insiders.

Who is it for – Apple and Android users.

Why we love it – You can fully download maps to your phone and use them offline without clocking up your international roaming charges!

Cost: Free.

9. Postagram

Keep in touch with family & friends the ‘old-modern way’ with one of the coolest apps online!


About – An app that sends your photographs as a postcard! You can turn your iPhone, Instagram, Facebook & Dropbox photos into beautiful postcards delivered by mail!

Who is it for  Apple and Android users.

Why we love it – You personalize your own postcard from anywhere, anytime, anyway you like!

Cost: Free

So what are you waiting for? Become travel smart, download your apps, feel confident, be prepared and always have Europe in your pocket while ‘looking like a local’!



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