3 Music Festivals Not To Be Missed On Your Spring Trip

When you picture Italy, what usually pops into your mind?

You may dream about alluring scenery, timeless art and architecture, enchanting language, and delicious food. However, I am sure all of your visions are simultaneously associated with recurring Italian songs such as Volare and O’ Sole mio.

Don’t you picture as well that image of an Italian walking down the street spontaneously bursting into a song? It may be an overrated cliché, but every cliché has a seed of truth. This might explain why everywhere around the Italian boot you can easily find a myriad of music festivals and events to please your ears with.

One of these events ended last Saturday, the Sanremo Music Festival, known as Festival della canzone italiana di Sanremo, and it is for Italian TV, in terms of TV ratings, what the Superbowl is for the US. The Sanremo Festival was the inspiration of the Eurovision Song Contest and has also launched the careers of many famous Italian singers, such as Andrea Bocelli, Laura Pausini and Eros Ramazzotti. Since Sanremo is already over, what else does the Bel Paese have to offer?

Teatro Massimo, Sicily, Italy

Teatro Massimo, Sicily, Italy

1. Verdi in Sicily

If you’re planning a trip to Sicily this spring, make sure to pass through Palermo, its capital, as well as cradle of Mediterranean civilization and history. Let me explain why:

During 2013 the Teatro Massimo, the city’s Opera Theater, is celebrating the anniversaries of two superb music composers, Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner with an excellent program featuring their most famous operas. In spring, you have the chance to attend three different operas of the Italian composer: Nabucco (Marche, 22nd- 28th), Aida (April, 12th – 18th) and Rigoletto (May, 3rd-9th).

Select Italy is celebrating the great composer with a special promotion on all orders placed before March 15th.

2. A Month of Music in Florence

The Duomo Santa Maria Del Fiore in Florence

If you would rather opt for the mecca of Italian art, Florence suits you perfectly.

The city will host the awaited Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, one of the oldest and most prestigious music festivals, which attracts top-notch concert, opera and contemporary artists in the world. The music performances will be arranged in the new Teatro dell’ Opera, a futuristic construction inaugurated in 2011, for the 150th anniversary of the Italian Reunification, which perfectly contrasts with the Renaissance atmosphere of the Tuscan capital.

3. Milan’s Design Week

Elita Festival Milan 2013

Elita a festival to celebrate music and design in Milan

If opera and classical music don’t satisfy your taste, all you need to do is head towards the north of Italy, and get a thrill out of Milan, the alpha city and hub of fashion, economy, and design. This March, the Dal Verme Theater is hosting the International Live Swing Summit 2013 with a lineup including pieces taken by Broadway Musicals and reinterpretations of Hollywood movies of the Thirties and Forties.

In April, the city hosts an incredible week dedicated to the pursuit of design and art expression. Maintaining an exciting mix of contemporary culture that involve both music and design, the Elita Festival presents a Music Festival to the international public of the Milan Design Week 2013 with its buzzword #WECROSSOVER, aiming at creating a focal point between all of the different art expressions and styles.

Which of these festivals do you want to visit the most? Let us know!



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