3 Misconceptions Of Solo Women Travelling To Italy

woman in Rome

Don’t be afraid to travel alone in Italy

Why would a woman travel alone? A myriad of questions might pop up into your mind as soon as you hear that a female [insert person you are close to here…friend, colleague or friend of a friend] has everything prepared to hop on a plane alone, take that leap across the point alone and (gasp!) travel the boot of Italy alone. Isn’t it dangerous? You ask yourself. Isn’t it sad to eat alone in a crowded restaurant? And above all, who is going to help to carry her chock-full-of-wine-shoes-and-handbags luggage?!

Women everywhere: Do not let this fear stop you, for Solo traveling is fun and gratifying! Of course, there are cautionary measures that all travelers must take, but don’t let some common doubts prevent you to have one of the best vacations of your life. A vacation just for you: Me, Myself, and I –style. And when we say vacation, we don’t just mean sitting on a beach; we mean an inner vacation, as well. This is your opportunity to learn about yourself in one of the most relaxing places on Earth. As long as you can groove with the attitude of the independent woman traveler!

 The World Out There is Not Always Cruel

Yes, the world is not a safe place anymore and yes, movies like Hostel might have dampened your desire to travel alone. However, some simple common sense will alleviate the majority of threats: we don’t want to give you a manual on How Women Can Survive in a Big City During the Night, but try to avoid walking alone after midnight, and that way home is better planned than improvised upon necessity after having sampled the finest of Italian beers and wines. Other than that, you shouldn’t be afraid to live what Italian nightlife has to offer!

 Eating Alone is a Good Thing

Don't be afraid of eating alone in Italy

Don’t be afraid of eating alone in Italy

Isn’t it a luxury to be able to ask yourself what am I going to eat tonight? and the only one who answers is you? We think so. It’s great to have the chance to eat at the time you want, what you want and where you want. You are on vacation, after all, and should enjoy your freedom. In addition, you are hardly alone when in a restaurant: restaurants and bars in Italy are always full of people sipping on an aperitivo with friends or simply watching a football match. These Italians love to chat, giving you the opportunity to make new friends during your not-so-sad-and-lonely-meal. Also note that due to your status as a foreign woman, you’ll most likely receive the usual “Ciao bella!” as soon as you enter the door, which is not always a way of flirting, but a friendly introduction to Italian hospitality.

 You Don’t Need a Gucci Bag to Find Your Mastroianni

shopping in Italy

Keep space in your bag for your Italian shopping

We know that when traveling to Italy, you’ll want to lug your best clothes, shoes and bags to feel part of the fashionable atmosphere, and maybe be the new Anita Ekberg of La Dolce Vita. However, for three reasons, you should leave that heavy bag at home: First, you’re not going to want to fill the bag with clothes for the club, let’s say. To dress elegantly modest (yes, ladies, you might want to consider leaving the fishnet shirts at home) will lessen the attention of sketchy looking people. Secondly, you’ll want that extra luggage space for the beloved handcrafted leather shoes that you pick up on your trip. Last but not least, you are traveling alone. Remember? Not that you aren’t strong, but if you get tired of dragging an oversized suitcase around cobblestone streets, you’re going to have to pay for help, or ward off a potentially sketchy person. We suggest you buy an easy suitcase on wheels – one of the most important inventions ever to grace the traveler’s world.

So what are you waiting for? Pack a light bag and be ready for one of your most exciting adventures of your lifetime. And remember, it might nice to see a sunset in Capri with the love of your life, but it the true sin is missing the chance to see it!

Where these tips helpful? Do you have any more questions for your next Italy trip alone? We can help! 



5 thoughts on “3 Misconceptions Of Solo Women Travelling To Italy

  1. I love to travel alone. I love it so much that a friend and I started a company for women who want to do the same but are hesitant to navigate the solo travel terrain. I agree, the hardest, scariest part is sometimes eating out on one’s own. We’ve created some tools to help people with that very thing. Most people, I think, find that when they do something that they initially feared, they are empowered… and that’s a good thing!

    Planning a trip to Italy in 2014. Can’t wait!

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