Rome Tours: Off the Beaten Path Experiences in Rome

With over 3000 years of history Rome is the perfect destination for a cultural getaway. The headline acts of the Colosseum, St Peter’s and the Sistine Chapel are perennial favorites. But if you fancy getting off the beaten track, away from the crowds, there are plenty of other absolutely fascinating places to explore, each adding its own chapter...

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The 5 Best Venues to Experience Opera in Rome

In the country that gave birth to many of the most famous operas and singers in the world, opera really is part of the Italian psyche. So whether you’re a lifelong fanatic or struggle to tell your Tosca from your Traviata, adding an evening at the opera to your trip is a truly Italian experience. Here are just a few of our favorite places to see...

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Tickets for the Opera in Venice Made Easy

opera in venice

Opera in Venice: Enjoy a day at the Opera Buying tickets for the opera in Venice can be an intimidating task. There is the language barrier in dealing with the theater staff, the doubt of not being familiar with the layout of the seats, and, of course, not knowing when and where to purchase tickets. Panorama of the La Fenice theater interior...

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