When will the Sistine Chapel open after the Papal Conclave?

White Smoke from the Sistin Chapel's chimney

Nuntio Vobis Magnum Gaudium...the Sistine Chapel will re-open to the public on Monday,  March 18th at 9:00am. Tuesday night in Rome at 7:06 pm local time the fumata bianca, the white smoke, pouring out of the Sistine Chapel announced that a new pope had been chosen. White Smoke from the Sistine Chapel's chimney If you happened to be in...

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Don’t Wait In Line For Uffizi Tickets

If you are traveling to Italy and plan to spend time in Florence, you should take a moment to visit the Uffizi Gallery. As one of Italy's premiere art museums, this is truly a must-see. The only drawback is that oftentimes, you will have to wait in line to purchase your tickets, wasting a good portion of your day standing in line! Get Your Uffizi...

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