5 Simple Planning Tweaks To Make a Tourist-Trapped Italian Vacation Authentic

It is inevitable and unavoidable - first-timers going to Italy want and need to hit the big sites and cities, such as Rome, Florence, Venice, and Pompeii. And rightfully so; you can't afford to miss these hot spots on your first (and for many, only) Italian vacation. However, without proper planning or knowledge of the areas, an itinerary full of...

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5 Secrets to Fitting in with the Italian Locals

espresso on plate with spoon

As a seasoned Italian traveler and Italian travel specialist, one of the most common questions I get from friends, family, and clients making their way to the Bel Paese for the first time is "What can I do to not look like a tourist?" They then list off the most recent tips that they've read, which usually includes a "no white sneakers, right?" -...

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6 Essential Italian Train Vocabulary Words: Advice from the Expert Himself

One of Italy's busiest train stations can turn into a place to meet your Italian best friend! “Italy’s trains are places of group confession and collective absolution, which is ideal for a country that calls itself Catholic. We are a nation where everyone speaks to everyone else. Follow the conversations on this train to Naples, via...

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