Easy Italian Recipes: Malloreddus with Fresh Fava Beans and Pecorino

italian recipes

Credits: Viktorija Todorovska - The Sardinian Cookbook Easy Italian Recipes Shake off any flashbacks of the mooshy lima beans your mom made you eat as a kid -- fresh fava beans, with their nutty flavor and creamy texture, are something completely different! The Italians love them and so should you. Also called broad beans, they are the oldest...

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Experience nightlife in Venice as a Venetian

Nightlife in Venice

 Nightlife in Venice: The importance of a great night out in the town Would you like to experience the nightlife in Venice like a local? When I travel I always look for hidden gems that are not well known to tourists. I apply this rule in my search for great nightlife spots and events as well. In Venice the options are limitless when it...

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