Rome Tours: Off the Beaten Path Experiences in Rome

With over 3000 years of history Rome is the perfect destination for a cultural getaway. The headline acts of the Colosseum, St Peter’s and the Sistine Chapel are perennial favorites. But if you fancy getting off the beaten track, away from the crowds, there are plenty of other absolutely fascinating places to explore, each adding its own chapter...

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The 4 Best Venues to Experience The Opera in Florence

florence airport shuttle

Florence is famous for its wealth of culture. From its breath-taking Renaissance art to its delicious cuisine, or from its long history to its glorious Tuscan landscapes there is more than enough to fill a lifetime. But did you know that an Italian wrote the first opera in Florence and it was performed there in the late 1500s? And today the city...

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Brera Art Gallery: Discover the treasures of Milan’s Pinacoteca

brera art gallery

Milan is famous the world over for its fashion houses, Gothic Duomo and soccer. But no visit to the city is complete without a trip to the Pinacoteca di Brera, or Brera Art Gallery, one of Italy’s most important and impressive art collections. With over 500 paintings and sculptures by Italian masters spanning 600 years, set in the middle of...

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Top 6 Italian Drinks Ordered by Real Italians

Italian drinks

Italy is world famous for its wine and regional cuisine. And there are few better ways to enjoy a sultry summer evening than over a plate of piping-hot pasta sipping on a deliciously crisp Frascati or Pinot Grigio. But if you go straight out for dinner you’ll be missing out on a quintessential element of la vita bella, as all self-respecting...

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