10 Croatian Dishes You Should Try (and where to try them)

fuzi Croatian Food

Croatian cuisine cannot be defined in just one sentence, or be showcased in just one town. Although Croatia may be considered small in size, it stretches across three climatic regions; Alpine, Continental, and Mediterranean where culinary traditions have partly been shaped by its previous conquerors such as the Italian, French, Austro-Hungarian,...

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Pag, the Island You Should Get to Know Before Everyone Else

Pag Island Croatia

Pag Island (credits: Wikimedia) Love food? Go to Pag. Love parties? Go to Pag. Love tradition? Go to Pag. The island of Pag, located in the northern Adriatic, is really a destination for those who love the better things in life. Pag is certainly a fascinating island destination that, other than secluded bays to laze in, has the famed 24-hour...

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