Is Madonna Moving To Rome?

Is the Material Girl making a move to the Eternal City? According to various reports, Madonna is indeed considering it.  It would seem to be a natural choice for the pop singer who is, after all, of Italian-American descent. Italian news reports indicate that Madonna may be eyeing a posh villa on Rome’s Aventine Hill.

The move would make sense from a variety of perspectives. First, Rome: need one say more? All roads lead to it and with good reason – the capital of Roman Empire is both Italy’s modern capital and a repository for cultural treasures unparalleled in the world. A beautiful city that is deceptively sedate, just like Madonna as she approaches her mid-‘50s, without fanfare but as feisty as ever, as her recent concert in Rome demonstrated.

Then there’s the geography. Rome is much closer to Israel than New York, where Madonna currently lives, but the fact that her current world tour started in Tel Aviv was no coincidence. The cradle of Kabbalah, the Jewish mysticism Madonna favors, Israel could be said to be Madonna’s spiritual home. But a home in Rome would indulge her material side more, and also put her closer to her other home in London.

Madonna has on least one occasion stayed at Rome’s  luxurious Hotel de Russie, by the Piazza del Popolo. This five-star property is an oasis of calm and botanical beauty in the heart of Rome. If she enjoyed that, no doubt she would love a villa of her own, or perhaps one designed by Gino Coppede, an early 20th century architect whose flair for flamboyance would definitely appeal to Madonna’s legendary diva side.

Also, let’s not forget that by basing herself in Rome, Madonna would also be close to Abruzzo, the region where her grandparents are from. When a powerful earthquake in 2009 struck L’Aquila in that mountainous land east of Rome, causing major damage, Madonna gave a half million dollars to help with the relief effort.

Rome is also close to Florence and the extraordinary riches of Tuscany, and let’s also not forget that Madonna just filmed her latest video, for Turn Up the Radio, in and around Florence. Clearly, the allure of Italy is catching up with Madonna, and her fans can hope that she is putting the dark years of her entanglement with great but cold Britain behind her. Andiamo Madonna! Rome waits for you with pasta, piazzas and love.




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