Delicious Food and Wine Tours in Rome

Rome is packed with over 3000 years of history, culture and religion. Old pagan temples sit cheek by jowl with the Vatican and St Peter’s Basilica. Ancient Roman aqueducts still feed the hundreds of public fountains around the city. And lately 007’s Aston Martin roared along the banks of the River Tiber where legendary twins Romulus and Remus were abandoned as babes in a basket. But few know about Rome’s fantastic culinary and wine-making history or that the city was a key player in the original development of wine culture. Indeed, the ancient Romans even had pasta. So when you’re planning your Italian trip this year, make sure you add one of our authentic food and wine tours in Rome to your list of things to do to get a real taste of Roman life. The hardest part will be choosing which mouth-watering trip to take!

Delicious Food and Wine Tours in Rome

Wine Tours in Rome

food and wine tours in rome

Lazio should be on every wine lover’s bucket list

Did you know that Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions, not just in Europe but globally? And with the Italian climate differing from north to south and even between valleys, its not surprising that there are over a million vineyards under Italian cultivation. From the light, bubbly Prosecco of the northern Veneto, down through Tuscany’s blood-red Chianti to Sicily’s sweet honey-toned Marsala, Italy produces around a third of the world’s wine so there is plenty to choose from and always a new winery to discover.

And the great news is that Rome, capital of Italy and the region of Lazio, is set in a perfect location for wine-making, with good soil and a consistent climate, so you don’t actually need to venture far from the Colosseum or the Vatican to find some delicious vintages. In fact Lazio should be on every wine lover’s bucket list!

Why not head straight to the heart of Lazio’s well-known Frascati DOC zone with a visit to the Azienda Agricola Casale Marchese, for example. You’ll sample some of their famous wines whilst overlooking the vine-clad hills surrounding Rome. And you’ll also get to explore the town of Frascati where wine-making dates back to at least the 5th century BC – clearly they know how to make the perfect amber nectar to accompany your lunch!

Or take a trip to the famous Falesco cantina where Riccardo Cotarella and his brother cultivate some of the most respected wine in the region, mixing traditional wine-making with advanced technology. You’ll start with a tour of the winery followed by the chance to taste four Falesco wines alongside a delicious four-course meal. This wine tour is the perfect way to way to get a real taste of Rome at its best.

Tease Your Taste buds with a Walking Food and Wine Tour in Rome

If you don’t have time to get out of Rome to see the vineyards themselves, why not take one of our food and wine tours in Rome’s ancient neighborhoods instead?

food and wine tours in rome

Trastevere district

Indulge your taste buds with Salumeria Roscioli’s delicious and extensive menu of 450 cheeses, 100 cured meats and 20 different breads as their sommelier matches the wine from their list of 2,200 labels. Mmmmm!

If that doesn’t tempt you what about picking another of our guided food and wine tours in Rome’s old Trastevere district You can indulge your taste buds with wine and food tastings at every stop as your guide shows you Rome’s best local foodie spots. From family-run, locally loved bakeries packed with creamy pastries, to cheese shops heaving with artesanal products and hidden trattorias for some classic home-made Roman food and wine, the city really does have everything on a plate for you.

Cooking Classes in Rome

Or if you want to go one better, why not dive in and get your hands dirty with an authentic Roman cooking lesson in a professionally equipped kitchen.

Food and wine tours in Rome

Get your hands dirty making fresh pasta in Rome

Our local chefs will take you through a delicious seasonal menu before teaching you how to prepare it from scratch with fresh, flavorsome, organic ingredients. It’s just the thing for a curious foodie who wants to know the best flour to use for pasta, how to prepare real Italian spaghetti alla carbonara (hint : there’s no cream!) or what goes into saltimbocca alla romana. And instead of just watching, you’ll roll your sleeves up and get stuck in kneading the pasta dough, feeling the right consistency when its ready to roll. It’s an experience for all the senses, not just taste and smell.

The best bit about this food and wine tour, however, is that you don’t just learn how to cook typical local dishes, but you also get to enjoy the end product as you sit down to enjoy your delicious feast with your fellow cooks along with a few well-picked glasses of wine to round the experience off. And you can take a little bit of Rome home with you too, having learnt the authentic Roman skills to recreate your menu alla Romana, in the Roman style, for friends and family after your trip.

Bring Your Appetite!

As one of the most beautiful and historical cities in the world Rome is a perfect destination for history buffs. Indeed its archaeology and architecture are breathtaking and its history is unparalleled. But don’t forget that there’s even more to the city than just gladiators, ancient Roman emperors and the Vatican city-state. In fact the city and the surrounding region of Lazio have plenty to offer foodies and wine connoisseurs too with a culinary and wine culture that dates back centuries, millennial even. And as Romans have been cultivating vines for over 2000 years there is an ample selection of vineyards and labels to pick from for your first taster of Roman wine! So when you sit down to book your next trip why not ask our travel experts to help pick the perfect food and wine tours in Rome for you. There is a wide selection from which to choose and plenty of new experiences to try. So whether you want to indulge your palate or to get your hands on the raw ingredients of a typical Roman dish, it’s just a case of deciding how best to treat your taste buds! Buon appetito e Cin Cin! Cheers!



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