(Almost) Free Classical Music Concerts in Rome and Turin

Rome is a beautiful city, especially in the off-season when the hoards of tourists have retreated and the summer heat has lifted, being replaced by a gorgeous, gentile breeze. During this season, the restaurants are not overflowing with patrons and the famous Vatican Museums feel like your own private galleries. Within the museums you’ll be received by  an immense collection of antique pieces and stately architecture; as many New Yorkers may note, it has the same feel as the renowned Frick collection with its long corridors, old books, dignified furniture and maps. An experience not to be missed.

The majestic, northern city of Turin contains a treasure that equals the splendor and history of the Vatican Museums. It’s called Palace of Venaria, in Italian Reggia di Venaria Reale, a UNESCO world heritage site that pays tribute to its former role as royal residence to the House of Savoy. Built in 1675 as a hunting retreat, nowadays, this palatial castle is visited for its dramatic views of the Alps as well as its stunning architecture. Other pleasures to be found in Turin include the celebrated chocolates (Gianduja and the Bicerin drink will change your life), films (Turin’s iconic Mole Antonelliana houses the most fun, interactive film museum you’ll ever visit) and books (Turin holds an annual book festival each May that will impress even the most book-wormy of you).

Venaria Royal Palace in Turin

Venaria Royal Palace

Museums and Music

When you think of Italy, what usually comes to mind is archeology, history and music—especially the opera. What also may come to mind is that Italians have a certain flair for combining art with music. Take the Melodia del Vino for example; this classical music concert series combines Tuscany’s smooth wines with some of the world’s elite musicians, creating, what some call, a masterpiece. As luck would have it, the Melodia del Vino isn’t the only event of its kind. Now (excluding August) until the end of October, you can listen to live music around the corridors of the Vatican museums if you purchase a Night at the Vatican Museum ticket for a Friday night. This opportunity is also available at the Reggia di Venaria of Turin, creating a truly remarkable opportunity for art and music aficionados.

inside the vatican museum in rome

Inside the Vatican Museums

Il Bello da Sentire Program

This unique  program is a collaboration between the Vatican Museums, the Reggia di Venaria and the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of  Turin. Thanks to this once in a lifetime partnership, young musicians have the opportunity to show their talent playing Shuberts, Brahm, Chopin and Bach in some of Italy’s most distinguished landmarks. Don’t miss this great chance to see and hear amazing artwork and music in two of Italy’s most delightful monuments.

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