A 200th Birthday Celebration

October 10th 2013 marks the 200th birthday of Giuseppe Verdi. Synonymous with Italy and renowned for his operas,  the 19th century composer is credited with transforming the Italian opera and the orchestra with humanity, passion, and an undoubtedly dramatic drive.

La Scala

Verdi’s first opera was preformed at Milan’s La Scala Opera House

Verdi’s first opera by Oberto and was preformed at Milan’s La Scala opera house in 1839. Oberto was noted as a small success and Verdi was offered a contract to produce three more works for La Scala. Verdi’s second creation, Un Giorno di Regno, just a year later was a failure. It is believed that the misfortune of this opera was due to fact Verdi was mourning the recent death of his wife and two children. Because of the criticism and disappointment of Un Giorno di Regno, Verdi swore he would never compose again. Although Verdi swore he would never compose again, two years later he decided that he could not leave his love for music and Verdi’s third opera, Nabucco was a sensation, and the rest was history!

Today, Verdi’s operas are among the most frequently produced in the world, and without a doubt noted for their emotional intensity and tuneful melodies.

Tomorrow, October 10th, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra will host a special one night only performance of Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem, one of Verdi’s remarkable choral works, lead by Maestro Muti live at 7:30 p.m. CDT. Although tickets are sold out, the concert will be streaming live for all of Verdi’s devotees to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful sounds of the iconic composer.

The concert can be viewed and followed live via many different websites and locations.

Riccardo Muti

Muti is one of the world’s greatest living interpreters of Verdi’s music

  • CSO.org
  • Maestro Muti’s personal website, RiccardoMutiMusic.com
  • Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Facebook page
  • The Italian American Chamber of Commerce’s website
  • IACC Twitter
  • IACC Facebook
  • Simulcast live via satellite on a state of the art screen in the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park in downtown Chicago

Enjoy Riccardo Muti preforming Va Pensiero in 2011 at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome

What do you love about Giuseppe Verdi? Share with us your favorite opera!



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