The Uffizi is a Must-See in Florence

The Uffizi Gallery is an incredible museum and one of the highlights of any visit to Florence. This gallery¬†will whisk you back in time to the thirteenth century–straight to the epoch of the great Italian masters such as Michelangelo, Rafael and Giotto.¬†This fabulous art museum located in Florence contains works by many of the most famous artists in history and if your travel plans include a stop in Florence, you simply have to visit. But keep in mind, this is a very popular tourist spot and tickets sell out fast!

Don’t Stand In Line For Uffizi Tickets

On any given day in Florence you can walk past the museum and you will see extremely long lines of people waiting to buy their Uffizi tickets. This is nothing unusual and it can take you hours to finally reach the front of the queue. But here at Select Italy, we can provide you with Uffizi tickets in advance. Having these tickets ahead of time will allow you go straight in so that you can spend your day enjoying the fantastic works of art instead of standing in line.



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