Visit the Renaissance City of Florence

There is so much to see and do in Italy, choosing the perfect destination for your vacation can be difficult. But one of the best places to visit in Italy is definitely Florence. Located  midway between Milan and Rome, this area was the center of the art-boom during the Renaissance and today it’s known for its incredible monuments, museums  and local cuisine, never failing to attract visitors. In Florence you will find dozens of places to see. Among the most famous landmarks are the Uffizi Museum, Accademia Museum, Ponte Vecchio, and Palazzo Vecchio. With an airport located in close proximity and train station situated in the center of the city, Florence is probably the most easily accessabile city in Italy, perhaps second only to Milan.

Local Cuisine

If Florence is one of the stops on your Italy vacation, don’t forget to sample the local cuisine. The fresh ingredients and amazing flavors are to die for, simultaneously rich and simple. Shop at the San Lorenzo market and take a stab a the local cuisine yourself. Buy the freshest local delicacies and prepare your own Tuscan meal! Tuscan wines are a staple while visiting Florence and nearby vineyard-towns can be easily reached by train. Why not, go and enjoy a wine tasting tour?!

With so much history, art, culture and scrumptious food in and around Florence, this exciting city still holds its place as one of the best Italian tourist locales.



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