Free Florence Museums: Spring’s Special Occasions

Spring has sprung, be it in the States or throughout the Italian boot, and besides the obvious blooming of flowers, April showers (something we in Chicago have recently had our fair share of) and increased outdoor activity, this season means something else to Italy and those that visit it. That’s right, folks, tourist season is upon us, and with it restaurants and hotels are expanding their hours and availability, lines at the Vatican are growing, and the streets of the famed cities of Rome, Venice, and Florence are becoming evermore crowded.

Florence is waiting for you

Florence is waiting for you!

Luckily, these cities are prepared for and welcome the influx of people and it is possible to book major museums, tours, hotels, and transportation in advance. Even more luckily, these cities celebrate the interest in their heritage and culture and offer special seasonal events for their out-of-town guests and residents alike. Florence is one of these cities that goes above and beyond in this case, and a few of their special events are approaching shortly! In this case, Florence Museums are extending their hours and offering free entry at various times for visitors to enjoy. So, for those of you planning to visit this beloved Renaissance city, read on to find out how you can take advantage of Florence’s Spring Museum Deals!

Notte Bianca di Firenze: April 30, 2013

During Florence’s Notte Bianca, literally meaning “white night” but roughly translated to “sleepless night” or “all-nighter,” the town will come alive with an tribute to fantasy, hope and change. Under the direction of artistic director Felice Limosani, the Notte Bianca will host over 100,000 people with music, art demonstrations, and festivities throughout the city, each inspired by the theme “volare,” meaning “to fly.” Even Florence’s staple centers of art will participate: the Uffizi Gallery  will hold a special night opening from 7pm-midnight with entrance free of charge and the Church of Orsanmichele will be open to the public from 8pm-midnight, offering a special choir performance at 9pm.

Uffizi Museum by Night

Uffizi museum at dusk

La Notte dei Musei: May 18, 2013

“The Night of the Museums” is a celebrated event in the city, and includes the participation of seven of the most visited and celebrated museums. Each of the following museums will be hosting a special night opening, once again free of charge, to all interested visitors. Reservations are not available, but we recommend filling yourself with some delicious cucina fiorentina or a quick but delicious pizza before heading over to the relatively fast-moving lines and checking out this collection of masterpieces in the moonlight. These museums will all be open from 7pm-1am this special Saturday night.

Which museum will you visit (or dream of visiting)?



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