Top 5 Things To Do In Milan

things to do in Milan

Piazza del Duomo is Milan’s main piazza

Milan is a naturally beautiful destination that is inhabited by over 3 million people. Not only is it rich in culture and history, but it is also rich in architecture and even fashion, as it is one of the fashion capitals of the world. If you get a chance to visit the stunning destination, take the chance and don’t miss the opportunity!

1) The Dialogo nel Buio (Dialogue in the Dark)

This is a different kind of destination. This isn’t somewhere where you and your friends grab drinks and laugh over lunch. This location is about getting in-tune with your senses. Not obvious from the name of the place, you are paired with a blind tour guide that takes you into a large, dark area. The tour guide then explains that you will be blind for the tour and you’ll have to use your senses to experience how a blind person functions daily.

While this may seem weird to others, it has been voted the number one attraction over time on many different travel websites. It’s an eye opening experience for those who are not blind and allows others to use their senses a bit more during their daily lives. But if you have little ones, it’s not really recommended for them.

2) Gallerie d’Italia Piazza della Scala

Things to do in milan

Gallerie di Piazza Scala – Milan (credits: Stefano Stabile – Wikimedia Commons)

If the day is a bit cloudier with mist and moisture in the air, this is a perfect location for you to check out. The architecture of this gallery is stunning, like something you’d see out of a movie, and a sight to see alone. But the gallery also has beautiful works of art ranging from eclectic sculptures to more sophisticated sculptures and of course, paintings. So if you’re planning to spend a day inside, make sure it’s not a day inside your hotel room and it’s a day inside this beautiful art gallery.

The Gallerie d’Italia also offers open-air concerts where you’re able to listen to classic music as well as some more modern Milan bands. If you’re also a fan of learning about new musical acts, check out the Netflix title “Soft Cell: Live in Milan” that features one of Milan’s most popular bands.

3) Centro Benessere Garra Rufa

A vacation isn’t a vacation without going to a spa! The point of a vacation is to relax and take your mind off of stress from your home life. Thanks to the Centro Benessere Garra Rufa spa, you’re able to do just that. You can even order fish therapy and smile therapy. This includes putting your hands, feet or other body parts in a tank filled with Garra Rufa fish. What they do is remove the dry skin from your body and leave a smooth feeling all over.

But that’s not all, of course! You can also have manicures, pedicures and massages while eating snacks and reading. It’s a hidden luxury inside of Milan’s center that allows you to recharge your batteries and head out for another great few days in Milan.

4) Castello Sforzesco

things to do in Milan

The Sforza Castle in shadow (credits: Sumple – Wikimedia Commons)

If you’re looking for a bit of a workout, you may want to take a walk through the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. Set aside a few hours for this trip filled with artifacts from the past 5 centuries or more. In this, you’ll even see furnishings dating back 5 centuries. But besides the artifacts, the architecture of this castle will take your breath away.

You could download a map of Milan (or another of these cool travel apps) and spend a leisurely afternoon enjoying all the history this beautiful city has to offer. Just remember to use a VPN to protect your personal data. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes!

5) The Fashion District

Last but not least, if you’re visiting Milan for fashion, you absolutely HAVE to go to their fashion district. Also known as the Quadtrilatero della Moda, you can shop high-end stores like Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and Versace. Take a stroll down their 19th century cobblestone roads that show the beautiful mansions and architecture from it’s past time. It’s like a museum while you’re shopping!

Speaking of museums, there are also real museums here to stop in and look at as well such as the Museo Bagatti Valsecchi, which is in a mansion on a street called the Via Gesu.

But more specifically, you need to visit the most famous streets in its fashion district including Via Montenapoleone, Via Sant’Andrea and more. These streets are made for pedestrians only, so you can stroll down them freely with your friends or family. If you’re hungry after your long stroll through Milan’s fashion district, you can always visit top rated Italian restaurants such as Da Vic – Ristorante Guerrini and Nerino Dieci Trattoria.

Plan Your Visit Now!

Milan is a stunning place known for its fashion, food, culture and fun. It’s great for any age, but you can appreciate it more as an adult. Whether you’re there to learn about it’s history in their top rated museums, or you’re there to shop the luxurious brands, you won’t be disappointed as your vacation comes to an end. There are many things to do for many types of people in the show-stopping city of Milan.


Which of these sounds most appealing to you? Have you discovered Milan yet?


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