How to Score a Ticket for the Last Supper

You did not jump on the bandwagon with the The Da Vinci Code, and were a fan way before the release of the book…you grew up seeing pictures of it, hearing tale of its splendor, and you are finally going to Italy to have the chance to see the legendary “The Last Supper.” You’ve even done the research regarding its display: the painting does not travel (it is a mural on the wall of the refectory in the dining room of a convent), the museum is not open on Mondays, and its hours are 8:15 am – 6:30 pm, seemingly allowing plenty of time for visitors to marvel at its splendor. Your trip is in two weeks, and since it’s November, also known as the tourism industry as “low season,” you figure you’ll just Google “Last Supper tickets” and be able to book.

Have you always dreamed of visiting the Last Supper painting in Milan?

That moment is that in which you go horribly wrong. A Google search of every combination of the words “Last,” “Supper,” and “Tickets” yield zero, count them, ZERO, tickets granting you entrance to the masterpiece. The museum definitely has no availability, and neither, it seems, do any travel agents or agencies. “How can this be?” You ask yourself. The answer is simple: tickets to see “The Last Supper” are simply the hardest to get in Italy. But never fear, Leonardo-lover, we at Select Italy can help you out!

The Cold, Hard Facts

Don’t spend countless hours at the computer, looking for Last Supper tickets!

Let’s start with the truth about Last Supper tickets. The museum only lets in 25 people at a time, for 15 minutes at a time. This already slims down your chances. Then, the museum itself actually only releases tickets once a month, five to six months out of the reserved ticket date. These tickets are completely bought out in a matter of minutes by tour operators that have special access to the box-office, which are then bought up by those in the know. This often leaves the poor layman or laywoman a long shot at finding anything at a notice shorter than a month or two away.

Your search may leave you feeling hopeless, but there is a ray of light in the seemingly dim prospect of scoring a ticket to the most famous painting on Earth. Just as travel agencies have first dibs on the original release of the tickets, they also have access to cancellations. Therefore, if you find the right agency at the right time, your chances grow.

Select Italy Goes the Extra Mile

What if I then told you that Select Italy not only has access to these cancellations, but takes requests via email for the dates that you want to visit? If they don’t already have the ticket, your name and request information are put on a list and Select Italy checks with the museum multiple times a day to fulfill your ticket needs. The service is completely free, and only requires the few minutes that it takes to send an email to with your name and information as well as the date(s) and time you will be in Milan, available to visit the painting. So turn that frown that resulted from your unsuccessful Google search upside down, send us an email, and relax while we do the work to get you to see the greatest painting masterpiece on the planet!

Have you ever had an experience with the painting or acquiring tickets? Share with us below!



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