Day Trips from Milan: 8 Amazing Destinations

World renowned for its astonishing mix of ancient glory and elegant modern flair, Milan is one of the most visited city in Italy. Although it has the ability to captivate the visitor for days at a time, there are many attractions a few miles away   everybody should consider visiting. Day trips from Milan are exciting and convenient thanks to both its strategic position and the modern northern Italy transportation network. Within no more than two hours you will find yourself in medieval cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, wine roads and being surrounded by authentic Italian food. Here is a list of 8 incredible places you can reach with comfortable day trips from Milan.

1) Bergamo

The medieval town of Bergamo has a remarkable peculiarity: it is one of the few cities in the world that has two city centers! The “Bergamo Alta” (Upper Bergamo) is a hilltop medieval town, surrounded by a 16th century imposing defensive wall, while “Bergamo Bassa” (Lower Bergamo) blends ancient palaces and churches with modern shops and elegant cafes. A breathtaking funicular connects the two parts. If you enjoy walking there are also equally exciting but more tiring footpaths to take instead.

Distance from Milan: 54 kilometers

Time to get there: less than an hour

Day trips from Milan

Bergamo, Pizza Vittorio Veneto

2) Lake Como

Day trips from Milan take you to the most amazing lake in Italy, as well. Thanks to its marvelous shores and the magnificent atmosphere, this lake has been a popular retreat for aristocrats and wealthy people since Roman times. Today the splendor of Lake Como is very much intact, with its charming villages perched on the shores and the elegant private villas which are some of the most costly real estate in the world. Once there you have a wealth of choices to enjoy the timeless atmosphere of the lakes: a relaxed private boat tour or a refined food and wine tour are just a few examples.

Distance from Milan: 50 kilometers

Time to get there: less than an hour (if you want to be faster and, at the same time, keep up with Italian trendiness we strongly recommend you to try a luxury road trip with a Ferrari from Milan to Lake Como)

Lake Como from Diego Bonacina on Vimeo.

3) Franciacorta

Wine enthusiasts love Franciacorta like pizza lovers adore Naples. This wine region, in fact, is one of the centers of the Italian Champagne Method, probably the second most delicious Italian invention after pizza! In Franciacorta you will be able to taste authentic Italian Champagne while enjoying the astonishing beauty of this foothills region. Wine tastings, sumptuous lunches, and breathtaking walks through the vineyards allow you dive into the real spirit of a region whose people, cuisine and history are part of the authentic soul of Italy.

Distance from Milan: 76 kilometers

Time to get there: about an hour

day trips from Milan

Franciacorta is the Official Sparkling Wine of the Expo 2015

4) Cremona

There are musical day trips from Milan too! Cremona is the world capital of stringed-instrument making and the birthplace of the violin. The city is noted for its musical history and traditions, including some of the earliest and most renowned luthiers, such as Guarneri and Stradivari and several members of the Amati family. Pay a visit to its astonishing Violin Museum, visit the historical city center and treat yourself with the other great specialty of this city: the tastiest Torrone in Italy.

Distance from Milan: 99 kilometers

Time to get there: 1 hour and 10 minutes

5) Mantua

Mantua (Mantova in Italian) is known by Italians as “La Bella Addormentata” (The Sleeping Beauty). The reason? Take a step into this city and you will soon agree with this peculiar nickname. Its old town, one of the most astonishing UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is simply timeless. As home to the wealthy Gonzaga family for centuries, this city was one of the greatest Renaissance courts in Europe. Thanks to the deep love of its citizens, the old town is exactly as it was centuries ago: the imposing Gonzaga castle, the amazing palaces and picturesque squares, all surrounded by an artificial lake created as a defense system.

Distance from Milan: 153 kilometers

Time to get there: 2 hours

day trips from Milan

Ducal Palace, Mantova

6) Pavia

Pavia is the perfect example of a peaceful and elegant northern Italian city. Famous for its university and the astonishing Certosa di Pavia – an imposing monastery complex built in 1396-1495 – the city offers a vast amount of artistic and cultural treasures, great examples of Romanesque and Medieval architecture. This is the quickest among the day trips from Milan.

Distance from Milan: 42 kilometers

Time to get there: 40 minutes

7) Verona

The most romantic city in the world is only less than 2 hours away from Milan. Famous for Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, Verona is the city of love and much more. Its historic city center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is probably one of the most enchanting in Italy; the Arena, an ancient amphitheaters built by the Romans, hosts a fantastic open-air lyrical season; its restaurants overflow with genuine Italian food (don’t miss trying the delicious cavallo!); and the city itself is surrounded by world-class wineries which offer tastings with lunch and cooking classes.

Distance from Milan: 157 kilometers

Time to get there: 1 hour and 45 minutes

day trips from Milan


8) Parma

Situated in the heart of Emilia, Parma is an elegant and rich city that offers to tourists two of the greatest specialties of Italy: classical music and delicious food. Parma is the birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi, probably the best Italian romantic opera composer of all time. The historical center, with several amazing buildings, is still permeated with Verdi’s music. The best part of this trip is when it comes to food: Academia Barilla is located here, and have you ever heard of Parma Ham and Parmigiano Reggiano? They both come from this beautiful city.

Distance from Milan: 126 kilometers

Time to get there: 1 hour and 30 minutes

day trips from Milan

Palazzo del Giardino, Parma

Have you ever taken one of these day trips from Milan or do you wish to take one and need more information? Tell us in the comments and we will be pleased to answer!




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