The Ultimate Guide to Emilia Romagna

Just for fun, try to name every single city in Italy that you know.  Out of curiosity, did Bologna make that list?  How about Modena?  Rimini?  If you’ve never heard of these cities than you are definitely missing out. Here’s the ultimate guide to Emilia Romagna.

1. A Hidden Gem In Plain Sight

A view overlooking Emilia Romagna

It’s not that Emilia Romagna isn’t popular, it is – for most Italians.  The North American travel industry, however, has generally kept its focus in Italy on locales such as Tuscany, Rome, Florence, and Venice.  All of the aforementioned destinations are often quite touristy and offer experiences that are more “international” than “Italian.” As a result, Emilia Romagna is perfect for travelers who would prefer a more authentic Italian vacation.

The capital of Emilia Romagna is Bologna, one of Italy’s oldest cities and the location of Europe’s oldest University. Nowadays, the city still keeps in step with its academic roots and largely functions as a “college-town.” Finding things to do in Bologna is simple, just go for a walk and plenty of museums, events, and venues will present themselves.  Admission is free to most museums and venues, especially for students.

2. A Day At The Beach

The Beachfront in Rimini spans 15 kilomenters

Those who are looking to relax and enjoy the Italian weather should head over to Rimini.  Also located in the Emilia Romagna region, Rimini is essentially one gigantic beach. The town’s beachfront is 15 kilometers long and boasts some of the best resorts and nightlife in Italy. Should the water get a little cold or if you feel like you’re getting sunburned, there are plenty of other things to do as well.  The town center is a testament to the history of Rimini and offers culturally significant monuments and highlights that date back to the days of Diocletian.

3. To Infinity And Beyond

Modena is one of Europe’s most socially advanced locales

Italy is probably known best for it’s well-preserved architecture and you’ll notice that pretty much anywhere you go. However, if you’ve ever wondered what an urban utopia might look like in Italy then you might want to plan a trip to Modena.  The city, located in the middle of the Po valley, is considered to be one of the most advanced locales in Italy and the entirety of Europe.  Make sure you rent a bicycle as 48 miles of cycling paths guarantee that you can see everything in the city while getting a light workout in at the same time.

The region of Emilia Romagna was hit with a five-point eight magnitude earthquake last May. The people of Emilia Romagna were able to spring back on their feet right after the disaster and immediately restore beauty to the region. This writer, for one, is not surprised. So do yourself a favor.  Head to Emilia Romagna and get yourself lost in a city where every corner will make you feel like you are living life the way it’s meant to be lived.

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