The (not so) Secret Italian Loves of James Bond (Part 1)

As Skyfall, the latest 007 movie, hits the movie theaters around the world by storm, here at Select Italy we are contemplating another aspect of Mr. Bond: his love affairs with Italy. The most famous secret agent ever is not that secretive about his passion for the country, which is nothing to be surprised about. Italy itself is the quintessence of style, glamor, beautiful locations, and women. Or – in one word – Bond.

So sit down, grab your Vodka Martini (You guessed it…shaken, not stirred) and enjoy this ride along the Italian locations that have appeared Ian Fleming’s acclaimed series.

1. From Russia with Love (1963) – Location: Venice

For many, this remains the best Bond movie ever. The second episode of the saga, and the first one shot in Europe, already gave an idea of the italophilia of Bond (and his enemies) that is to be constantly repeated in following episodes. The MI6 agent is masterfully played by Sean Connery, (the first and greatest 007, if you ask me). As you can see from the trailer below, the Scottish actor enjoys a leisurely private gondola ride through the Venice canals with his lover, Tatiana Romanova, played by the Italian actress Daniela Bianchi. The Bond Girl spoke almost no English and sounded out her lines phonetically. Her heavy Italian accent made much of her dialogue difficult to understand, so an English-speaking Italian actress whose accent wasn’t so pronounced was hired to re-record her lines.

2. The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) – Location: Porto Cervo

James Bond (played by Roger Moore) comes back to Italy in the tenth installation of the series. This is the first of three times that the English actor will play this role in Italy.

Part of the movie takes places in one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Costa Smeralda. The crew shot at the legendary resort Cala di Volpe  (…and yep, you can book it through Select Italy) surrounded by the unique turquoise coastline of Sardinia in one of the most exclusive areas of Italy. Below is a video of you won’t want to miss: it is considered one of the most memorable car chases of any Bond movie and overall one of the best scenes ever filmed.

3. Moonraker (1979)  – Location: Venice 

Bond comes back to Italy in the following movie, still played by Moore, and the last to use the title of a Fleming novel until 2006. In Moonraker, our amico James goes back to the Venetian lagoon where another spectacular chase takes place through the Venetian canals.

(To be Continued…Come back next Wednsday for the second part.)

What’s your favorite Bond location or moment in Italy? Let us know!



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