A Journey to Calabria: Sun, Sea, Ancient Civilizations, and Jagged Terrain


Growing up in Philadelphia, “Sicilian” or “Napolitano” were the two choices given to identify as Italian. Throwing “Calabrese” into the mix usually resulted in a blank stare and nod of recognition...a sort of “Yeah, I’ve heard of Calabria before so fine, I guess that’s Italian."   Fast forward a couple of decades and even...

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Places to Visit in Umbria: Best Hill Towns and Things to Do

Nicknamed the "green heart of Italy," Umbria is uniquely land-locked, bordering neither sea nor another country. And while nature formed its glorious landscape of valleys, plains and mountains, successive civilizations have formed its culture, traditions and cuisine. From the Etruscans to the Romans to medieval lords; all have left their mark. Not...

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