On the Road with Andrea – Hotel CastelBrando, Veneto

Aerial View of Castelbrando

The day seemed to start slow and sloppy. I felt on the verge of getting sick, or something. But then I got into the schedule with meetings and errands which turned out to be good. Apparently, at least. Went back home, shorten the email list, took a shower and it was 8pm when I got into the car.

I hit the highway at dusk and the drive started a bit tight with lots of traffic, road works some rain and delays. I passed Florence and then up and down through the Apennines until Bologna. From there on it was like gliding … few cars and empty highways as I drove fast into the night. Padova went by uneventfully, and then I pointed North and into the hills.

Left the highway and entered the night world of small mountain villages and narrowing valleys. Patches of fog here and there were making the scenery a bit eerie at times. The final turn took me into a small medieval village, perfect in the night light. The silence was soft, I close my eyes and breathed deeply, to take in the vision of harmony.

Castelbrando at Night

I kept climbing, passed a gate and the under a medieval tower overlooking the valley. Stones, stones and more stones; they have the scent of centuries. I drove under a porch and until the road ended. I am in a fortress overlooking a valley where the villages lay in sleep amidst twinkling lights.

I sit and stay a few minutes. All is perfectly suspended in lightness. This is a special place: let’s get in and play the Medieval Knight …

Veneto – Hotel Castelbrando



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