In Basilicata, It’s Culture On The Rocks

You may know tomato and basil, but how well do you know Basilicata? This beautiful part of southern Italy is bordered by the regions of Campania, Calabria and Puglia, and is shared by the provinces of Potenza and Matera. The latter has become an increasingly popular destination for travelers on account of its rugged, unspoiled scenery and sassi di Matera, prehistoric cave dwellings hewn from pure rock.

Basilicata’s historical legacy extends from pre-history to Achaean Greek colonists (in the 8th century B.C.) and of course encompasses the Roman Empire. You can still see ancient Greek ruins today, for example the well-preserved Temple of Hera at Metaponto, on the Ionian Sea shore (and yes, that means great beaches, too.) With the evocative imprint of antiquity ever-present in the region, it’s no surprise that there are cultural events aplenty in contemporary Basilicata. For example, the Ninth Annual International Women’s Fiction Festival will be taking place September 27-30 in Matera, where one of the numerous topics of discussion will be “The fascination of food in literature.”

And there’s music. The International Festival of Basilicata, called Gezziamoci, is organized by the Onyx Jazz Club in Matera and takes places at various venues including some evocative outdoor ones among the unique landscapes of the Sassi. Gezziamoci started in late July and runs right up through November 3. Ask how Select Italy can help you orchestrate the perfect Basilicata itinerary this fall season.



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