9 Almost Secret Italy Getaways

Fall in love with Matera

Does any country in Europe tempt travelers with as much geographic diversity and as many choices as Italy? No – from mountains in the north to secret blue grottos in the south, and so much more in between, only Italy packs it all in.  So one of the toughest things about planning a vacation in Italy is deciding where to go. But it just got a little easier: The dedicated Italy travel specialists at Select Italy have spoken, and here’s what they have to say about where they really love to go in Italy:

1. Andrea Sertoli – The island of Ponza and the Amiata region in Southern Tuscany

“My heart is with my hideaways,” says Select Italy President Sertoli, “because resetting oneself to another time flow zone is the key to experiencing Italy the right way. One time-stopping location for me is the island of Ponza. And the Amiata region in Southern Tuscany, where time clocks at the speed at which chestnut trees grow.”

2. Beth Rubin – Piemonte!

Torino has so much to offer

“This region is one of the rare instances in life when something is actually as good as you think it will be,” says Beth, our Sales Manager. “I had fantasized about going there for years, and when I finally did – it was everything I had hoped for, and more.  The landscape, the food, the wine…”

3. Maria Meyer – Florence

“I’m a city girl, so I love a place where there is literally a list of places to shop, sightsee or dance the night away waiting for me right outside of my door,” says Maria, our Director of Wedding & Honeymoon services. “So Florence would be my go-to getaway.  Plus from Florence, it’s easy to get to a much quieter atmosphere when I do want have a more low-key day or to do some cycling in a gorgeous setting.”

4. Alison Duray – Southern Puglia and Florence

Alison attended the Università degli Studi di Firenze, studying languages and art history and Italian became her adopted culture, so it’s no surprise she enjoys Florence for revisiting old friends and memories. “But for relaxation,” she says, “my vote goes to Southern Puglia.”

5. Justin Anderson – Bologna

The beautiful colors of Bologna

Justin says the liveliness of this university town is exhilarating. “As with all Italian cities, there is a great history with many museums and churches to visit,” he adds, “but what Bologna offers is an international feel without the throngs of tourists that one finds in Florence or Venice. The University attracts students from across the globe, but the city still relishes its traditions.” And here’s Justin’s tip for music lovers: “The Teatro Comunale attracts many of the same singers as La Scala, but tickets are much easier to come by and less expensive, too.”

6. Francesca De Stefani – La Maremma

La Maremma includes a section of Tuscany, and holds a special place in our Director of Production’s heart: “I used to go there on vacation with my family and I always enjoy going back,” Francesca says, adding that “the blue of the Argentario’s sea with its crystalline water, the ‘yellow’ of Castiglione della Pescaia’s sand beaches that are divided from the town by a few hundred meters of maritime pines, the green hills of Massa Marittima and the brown of Monte Amiata blend together and color the landscape like in a postcard.”

7. Lisa Zacchia – Ferrara, Gubbio and Gradara

Panoramic view of Gubbio in Umbria

Lisa loves those small and charming Italian borghi, but also the world outside Venice: Padova, Treviso, Verona, the Euganei Hills and the Valdobbiadene area. She notes the “superb food tradition, great wine and unique architecture.” And in the Trentino Alto Adige Region, she’s a big fan of a the Novacella Abbey: “Close to the lovely town of Bressanone, this unique location offers breathtaking, unobstructed views of snowy rocky mountains, green valleys and crystalline rivers,” Lisa says. “The surrounding natural landscape harmoniously combines with the unique architecture of the Abbey and its cloister and the site is also famous for hosting one of the oldest wineries in the world.”

8. Maja (Maya) Gudelj – Rome

“Three cheers for Rome! – I love the culture, history, way of life, energy; everything!” says Maja, our resident Croatia travel expert (yes, we plan trips to amazing Croatia, too!)

9. Kate Mccluer – La Maremma

The beautiful wine hills of the Maremma region

For Kate nothing beats a relaxing spa weekend in the Maremma region of Southern Tuscany, “with a car and driver to take me to all the vineyards and Etruscan sites.”

Which is your favorite gateaway? Let us know!



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