6 Amazing Italian Beaches to Dream About

If you are like us one of the first piece of information you search for each and every morning is “what’s the weather like today?“. And if you, like us, live in the East Coast and Midwest these headlines will probably sounds very familiar:

East Coast Winter Storm: Snow For Northeast

Powerful storm will develop off the East Coast Tuesday and Wednesday

Light accumulating snow probable elsewhere in the Northeast and parts of Midwest

These real and infinitely depressing headlines appeared yesterday (March 25th) on The Weather Channel confirming that this winter, one of the roughest in the books, is not over yet and we still have to wait for Spring. Summer seems years away.

To shake off the winter blues and soothe our souls what’s better than day-dreaming about Italy and it’s wonderful beaches?

While definitely most known for its culture and cuisine, Italy is also a great destination for beach-goers from all around the world. With more than 5,000 miles of coastline, uncontaminated crystalline waters and breath taking views, choosing the best beach is not an easy job.

So here we give you six unforgettable Italian beaches that, we think, stand out from the rest. Close your eyes, put on your swimsuit and let’s dive in this wonderful list…

1. Ponza – Chiaia di Luna

Shhhhhhhhhhh…….please keep it secret!

Italian beaches

The view from Grand Hotel Chiaia di Luna

Ponza, one of Italy’s most glittering undiscovered gems, is definitely one of Select Italy’s favorite destinations. The island was already inhabited in the time of the Romans, who used it as a military post. Over time, it has lost its strategic relevance but maintained its wildness and primordial features that seem to protect it from being overrun with tourists.

Combining spectacular volcanic scenery with secluded sun-drenched beaches, Ponza is an appealing and less expensive alternative to the more popular island of Capri, to which it’s beauty is often compared. Chiaia di Luna is Ponza’s most popular beach and is a dramatic crescent of sand beneath 650 foot-high cliffs that creates a stunning natural amphitheater.

Pro Tip: Stay at the captivating Grand Hotel Chiaia di Luna, owned and operated by the gracious Signora Ilia, for breathtaking views from the harbor bay to the nearby island of Palmarola.

2. Positano – Spiaggia del Fornillo


“Positano is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.” John Steinbeck

If you decide to visit the romantic Amalfi Cost you can tell for yourself if the Fornillo Beach, often described as the most beautiful in the entire Mediterranean, has earned that title. The beach is one of the most reserved and quiet spots of the city of Positano, known to be the most vertical town in Italy and with its spectacular position offers great views of the harbor. Above all, Positano is a great spot to relax, explore its winding streets and enjoy a scoop or two of gelato while laying on the beach.

Pro Tip: No other restaurant on the coast can compare to the romantic setting at Lo Guarracino. Even many locals don’t know about this place, perched on a cliff off the pathway that links two beaches – Spiaggia del Fornillo and Spiaggia Grande. This is a great place to have dinner and watch the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.

3. Alghero – Le Bombarde

Le Bombarde beach (credits: Flickr - Stefano De Murtas www.flickr.com/photos/77102197@N04/8612983639/)

Le Bombarde Beach (credits: Flickr – Stefano De Murtas )

The town of Alghero – in the second biggest of Italy’s islands, Sardinia –  was colonized towards the middle of the 14th century by the Catalani family, who called it “Barceloneta”, little Barcelona, giving it mighty fortifications that still characterize its landscape. Today, after more than six centuries, this beautiful city on the Riviera del Corallo still posses urban traits, architecture, folklore and the language of its Catalan forefathers.

Its coast has many secluded bays, small inlets bordered by plentiful pine forests and high, jagged rocks touched by an emerald green sea. Le Bombarde is one of the secluded beach popular among locals for its white sand and clear water. Go here to experience a real italian Beach!

Wonderful beaches and spectacular views are not all: Alghero is also famous for the outstanding (and sometimes surprising) food.

Pro Tip: Sardinia’s sparkling beaches with crystal clear waters are some of the most celebrated in the world, welcoming global VIPs and celebrities on holidays. But try to find the time to visit also the cities, rich of history, like the capital Cagliari.

4. Elba – La Biodola

Tuscany is worldwide recognized for its rolling hills, great wines,  history and artistic legacy. But this region has it all from high mountains to beautiful beaches and incredible islands. Elba is one of the latest. This little paradise on earth, just 6 miles away from the cost of Tuscany, has been featured in every single history book  because it is where the french emperor Napoleon was first exiled. If you ask us, not a bad place to spend the rest of your days! Napoleon would probably disagree since he escaped after 300 days.

On the island there are many beaches deserving a mention (like the rocky Sant’Andrea), but since we have to pick just one the nomination goes to La Biodola for it’s crystalline water and breathtaking sunsets.

Pro Tip: Go to Ristorante Capo Nord for typical Elban cuisine, skillfully prepared. The all-fish menu is complemented by rich wine list featuring local, national and international vintages.

5. Lampedusa – Isola dei Conigli

Beach on Rabbit Island in Lampedusa

Rabbit Beach in Lampedusa (credits: Wikipedia – Figiu)

Another island, the forth in this list: Lampedusa. Situated south of the biggest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily, Lampedusa is the southernmost inhabited town of Italy’s. It is in fact closer to the African coast (70 miles away) than the Italian (127 miles)!

Here lies a beach named l’Isola dei Conigli (Rabbit Beach), a relaxing golden beaches surrounded by the exotic landscapes.  In 2013 it was voted the world’s best beach by TripAdvisor.

Pro Tip: The beach got its name by the fact that the area was initially inhabited by a colony of rabbits. It’s still possible to see few of them today. The perfectly uncontaminated environment is appreciated from other creatures like dolphins, mantas and, in the late spring season, loggerhead sea turtles.

6. Lecce – Marina di Pescoluse 

Stretching 500 miles, the coast in Puglia has no shortage of great beaches. But the beach of Marina di Pescoluse stands out so much to earn the nickname of Le Maldive del Salento (The Maldives of Salento, the south-eastern part of region). The beach attracts a diverse range of beach-goers, from families to young people and while the popularity is growing among  Europeans, it is still a great beach to mingle with locals and Italians arriving from all over the boot.

Pro Tip: Marina di Pescoluse is located between the gorgeous towns of Gallipoli and Santa Maria di Leuca (which deserve a mention of honor being the southernmost tip of heel,  where the waters of the Adriatic Sea mingle and merge with those of the Ionian).


What other Italian beaches would you add to the list?



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