Guest Blogging

select italy guest bloggingThank you for your interest in writing for Select Italy! Below is a guide for all guest bloggers who would like to write about Italy or Croatia: Please read carefully to ensure that you are eligible to write for us.

Style Guide:

  1. Article length: minimum 800 words.
  2. Make your article fun and easy to read.
  3. Be sure the blog is on topic and does not deviate from your point. If we like your style of writing we may ask that you continue to write for us.
  4. Images must be in .jpg format and be no larger than 400 x 400 pixels.

Tips to know before sending:

  1. Send only articles that are new and originalGuest blog posts cannot be re-purposed in its entirety on your website or other blog. The content becomes exclusive property of Select Italy.
  2. Copyright infringement and plagiarism are ABSOLUTELY NOT TOLERATED.
  3. Make sure your post has been edited and proofread. We will not accept sloppy posts.
  4. Send us a very short bio blurb (50 words max) about yourself with a photo of yourself (no more then 100 x 100 pixels in .jpg format) and a link to your blog or Twitter profile.
  5. Note that guest blogging has no monetary compensation but is a tool for exposure.
  6. Please make a point to browse our blog to get a feel for the sorts of topics and articles we cover.
  7. We expect you to keep up with the comments and share a link to your published posts on your own social media profiles.

Submission instructions: 

  1. Send us your post to with text, images and bio in Word .doc/.docx format.
  2. In your email please specify which of our blog categories you think your post would fit in.
  3. We will write you within a few days after your submission to inform you of our decision.
  4. Note that Select Italy has the right to edit your post if necessary.
  5. Publication dates will be based on Select Italy’s editorial calendar.
Please note that we DO NOT consider any self-promotion, direct competitors, off-topic articles, or press releases.

We DO accept articles focused on Italian and Croatian travel, your own experience, cultural information about Italy and Croatia, and travel tips. To better understand Select Italy and what style of writing we are looking for,  please browse our categories and, when sending the email, indicate what category you think your post would fit in.

Was this helpful? At this point, you should know if you have an article for us.


If you meet all the requirements, please submit your work to We look forward to hearing from you and featuring you as a guest on our website!