Bar Therapy with Jacopo Falleni: The Bombardino

Jacopo Falleni, celebrity mixologist, restauranteur, author, and all-around fun Italian guy, joins us again this week, this time with his first drink special: the bombardino. This winter drink is a perfect way to warm your insides and your spirits as you push through these last days of winter towards spring. Below is Jacopo’s twist on the drink, a delicious, easy, and very Italian recipe that you can whip up at home:

Notes from Jacopo:

In Italy the first word you think after you hear the word ski is not snow… it’s bombardino. Personally, I think this drink is one of the reasons that skiing is so popular in Italy, because they just can’t wait to stop at the ski lodge and have one! The name comes from the word “bomb,” because the ingredients, which are truly a bomb, and the fact that this drink is served hot make it a liquid bomb, which is bombardino in Italian.

bombardino-jacopo falleni

The Bombardino is an explosion of goodness!

This drink for me is like a trip (or ski trip, rather!) down memory lane. It brings me back to the fantastic times I spent in the Alps during our Settimana Bianca (literally “White Week,” meaning the winter vacation that Italians spend on the slopes or just being near the snow). For me, a bombardino is the perfect winter cocktail especially when you are surrounded by snow. ┬áIt is warm, rich and helps you thaw out from a long day of physical exercise in the cold. The fact that it contains alcohol, well, that might help you muster up the courage to take the lift all the way up to that black diamond trail…the one that you would normally never attempt otherwise!

What is your favorite winter mixed drink?



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