Discover Select Italy’s New Destination: Croatia, The Pearl of the Adriatic

Recently, Select Italy has launched a new section on our website, dedicated to the new star on the travel horizon – Croatia! This small country has plenty to offer, but many do not know much about it, or where they should go when planning their trip, so here is our top 5 list of cities to visit:


The pearl of the Adriatic, a favorite of the rich and famous, is a gem of Croatia’s south. The preserved walls around the historical center, the Renaissance palaces and Baroque churches are among the reasons why the old town of Dubrovnik was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. The fans of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ can visit the locations where the series was filmed, or book our walking tour of Dubrovnik and our guides will give you a personalized tour of the city!


An ancient city with a young soul, is the most alluring UNESCO World Heritage Site to live in according to Financial Times, and the most beautiful city in the world according to its’ residents. Walk around the 1,700 year old palace, take part in the ‘Days of the Diocletian’ in August when everyone walks around dressed in togas, check out the World Championship of Picigin in June (beach game that originated in Bacvice – one of the city beaches), or enjoy one of many performances during the Split Summer Festival.


This is the historical center of the Roman Province of Dalmatia, nowadays a city full of students as it is the home to Croatia’s second largest university. The sea organ is one of its’ latest attractions; an art installation consisting of a series of pipes cut into the promenade that produce the sound with the movement of the waves. Two big music festivals in the summer attract a very large crowd of young backpackers, while the Roman ruins and Romanesque churches draw the archeology-lovers into the city of Zadar!


A typical fisherman’s village on the coast of Istria – a region also known as ‘Croatian Tuscany’. This is a small town, with the center located on a peninsula. The highest point is the bell tower of the St.Euphemia, a replica of the bell tower of St.Mark’s Basilica in Venice. Those looking for an adventure can go scuba diving in the wreck of the ship Baron Gautsch, sunk in 1914; while the wine lovers can taste Istria’s Malvazija in one of the many restaurants dotting the seafront promenade.


The capital city of Croatia is the youngest in the bunch, but nonetheless fascinating and full of history. If you take a walk along Zagreb’s Gornji Grad, you will feel as if you are transported back in time, during the Golden Era of the Habsburg Monarchy. The Cathedral is built in the Gothic style and considered to be the tallest building in the entire country! There are many legends and stories to be told about Zagreb, as this has been the center of Croatia’s government for centuries and the epicenter of many resistance movements throughout history.

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