5 of Croatia’s Picture Perfect Places

Capturing your holiday on camera is a primary activity as you explore a new destination; this way you immortalize the experiences and you can revisit those special moments anytime, flick through with friends and share to social media for your friends to see.

Undoubtedly, the majority of photos you take will be of historic sights and delicious food, and Croatia certainly doesn’t disappoint in that department; with the entire country boasting historical architecture and varied regional dishes. That’s all wonderful, but from what spots will you really capture the beauty of a place, the culture, and the people. What picture will you frame that really brings you back to the best holiday of your life. Discover Croatia’s picture perfect places and start snapping away.

Dingač Vineyards, Pelješac Peninsula

Vineyards in Dingač (credits: Wikimedia - Quahadi)

Vineyards in Dingač (credits: Wikimedia – Quahadi)

As you go winery hopping on this quiet peninsula rich in winemaking traditions, your route rarely leads you to the vineyards themselves, the source of all the goodness you have been sipping in the cellars of Potomje. Just over the Zabrada mountain that protects the Potomje valley is Dingač, Croatia’s first wine appellation (registered in 1961) nestled on 45-degree slopes at the edge of the glittering Adriatic. Previously, hardworking farmers would load their Plavac Mali red grape harvest onto their donkeys and transport them across the mountain and down to Potomje however, in 1973, a narrow one-lane tunnel was dug through the mountain to shorten the route. Driving through this dark tunnel is an experience in itself; time stops as you brace yourself, following the light at the end which will reveal the most breathtaking view. As soon as you exit the tunnel, you are looking into infinity, a horizon undisturbed by islands and on clear days, you can spot Italy in the distance. Turn either left or right to capture the sights of the stunning bush vine vineyards that produce Croatia’s most prized and powerful red wines.

Branimirova Wall, Zagreb

Graffiti in Knez Branimir Street, Zagreb (Wikimedia - AwOiSoAk)

Graffiti in Knez Branimir Street, Zagreb (Wikimedia – AwOiSoAk)

Before heading straight to the coast, take a day in Zagreb, a capital city with a fascinating history oozing with an offbeat urban vibe. Although you shouldn’t miss a walk through the cobbled lanes of Gornji Grad in upper town, passing St. Mark’s Church and the Stone Gate, stopping to snap away at the panoramic views of the city below, why not capture some urban culture on camera? When the Museum of Street Art in Zagreb transformed a 450m public wall running along the Branimirova Street into a dynamic piece of art, they gave the neighborhood a sought-after facelift. The wall features 83 creative murals by local artists and its hard not to stop to inspect each one. Snap away here to capture a side of Zagreb made by modern-day locals with love.

Modro & Crveno Jezero, Imotski

Blue Lake near Imotski, Croatia (Wikimedia - Dreizung)

Blue Lake near Imotski, Croatia (Wikimedia – Dreizung)

For the curious traveller, Inland Dalmatia is being more and more recognized as an attractive destination; with adventure as its catchphrase. Visit Imotski, a sleepy town revealing a fascinating history, located beyond the Biokovo mountain near Makarska on the coast. The adventure starts around Crveno Jezero (Red Lake) and Modro Jezero (Blue Lake), two ginormous sinkholes surrounded by a heap of hiking trails and caves. The views down to the waters surrounded by steep karst cliffs are simply stunning. In dry years, Modro Jezero can dry out so make sure the lake is filled when you visit.

Srđ Hill, Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik -View from Srđ Hill (credits: Wikimedia - Sonjabgd)

Dubrovnik -View from Srđ Hill (credits: Wikimedia – Sonjabgd)

After meandering through the narrow streets of ancient Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic, ascend with the cable car to Srđ Hill just above town. Here you will find views outmatched with anywhere else, as you see Dubrovnik Old Town in its entirety, Lokrum Island in the backdrop and a glittering horizon. On a bright day, the views reach up to 35 miles and there are a couple of ideal vista points on Srđ that call for an ideal photo-op of the breathtaking panoramas. This might be an obvious and popular place for holiday Kodak-moments but it’s certainly worth it and it never gets old. Best yet, there is a restaurant up there where you can have lunch with a view to match!

Rovinj, Istria

Cityscape Rovinj at sunrise (Wikimedia - Valerii Tkachenko)

Cityscape Rovinj at sunrise (Wikimedia – Valerii Tkachenko)

Hop on board a traditional batana boat in Rovinj and take in the vistas of the Adriatic’s most romantic destination by sea as you listen to bitinada songs. Welcome to Rovinj, a charming and colorful town on Istria’s coast with crammed houses nestled at the very edge of the jagged rock. Absorb the moment from the bobbing boat and the baroque St. Euphemia Church peering out of town captures the last light before the sun dips into the sea.

You will find many more picture-perfect places in Croatia, from colorful green markets to bids-eye view atop bell-towers, to moments on humble squares or lively folk performances with historic sights in the backdrop.


What picture will you frame from your Croatian holiday?



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