[VIDEO] What Anthony Bourdain can Teach You About Croatia

Brac, Croatia

Croatia, a Select Italy destination for some time now, is becoming one of the best known and most requested locations for those planning a vacation to South-Eastern Europe. The historical heritage, natural beauty and pleasant climate of this country create the perfect conditions for tourism to become an important generator of economic development.

Famous chef Anthony Bourdain dedicates  one episode of his popular TV show “No Reservations” to Croatia. As he travels around the country, showing wonderful landscapes and trying delicious local food specialties, Bourdain becomes (thanks to his experience) a one-of-a-kind witness to this amazing but mostly unknown country.

The Truffles

‘No Reservations’ host Anthony Bourdain goes truffle hunting

Istria, the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, is the perfect place to go truffle hunting: despite the fact that Italy, France and Spain are the traditional truffle-producing countries, Istrian forests hide three different kinds of black truffles, as well as the prized white truffle. Owned by the State (which means anyone can go truffle hunting there!), this forest is the biggest area of white truffles in the world. These subterranean mushrooms that grow close to oak trees cost $55.00 per ounce. It is very difficult to find them, though: they can’t be farmed like other mushrooms and many unsuccessful attempts have been made to make them grow using earth and water moved from France and other places where truffles are regularly found.

Motovun, built by the Venetians, is known as the ‘truffle town:’ here you find Mondo Konoba, a restaurant that prepares truffles in many different ways and sells them at a really good price…in Bourdain’s words, “for the price you pay for some burgers in Manhattan!.”

The Wine

Skradin, Croatia

Moving further south, there’s an area that shares the same latitude as Tuscany; it is similarly sunny but more Mediterranean than the Italian region. Here the Bibić family owns the Bibich Winery, right above the village of Skradin. They’ve been making wine for five centuries, thanks to the perfect conditions of this location (721.78 feet above sea level with mountains behind) and a fresh, cold breeze that blows every night during the summer. The winery sells food that is strictly connected to the wine: it’s not a restaurant but a winery. Among their specialties, Bourdain praises the ‘Risotto Skradin,’ made with veal that has slowly simmered for 12 hours and the rice is added only at the end. This dish was traditionally cooked by the men of the town on major feast days.

This is just a preview; watch the full video to find out many more tips about Croatia and its delicious specialties…enjoy!

By the way, what about planning a trip to Croatia this  summer?



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