What to see at Florence’s monumental Pitti Palace

pitti palace

Looming large on the Florentine skyline the Pitti Palace is the grandest and most impressive private palazzo in the city. Built 560 years ago, it has been home to millionaire bankers, the famous Medici family, Napoleon and the King of Italy. And today it houses eight museums, over 250,000 works of art including masterpieces by Titian and Raphael...

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Hotels in Venice: 3 of the Best Places to Stay in the Lagoon City

The historic center of Venice is divided into six sestiere, literally sixths or districts, each with its own character, attractions and unique vibe. One is the epicenter of modern art in Venice. The illustrious Rialto Bridge links two more. And all six formed the old Republic of Venice that once ruled the Adriatic Sea and was the playground of the...

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