Pope Francis’ Taste For Wine: It’s In His Roots

Pius II had a predilection for milk. Benedict XVI drank orange Fanta. And Pope Francis? While Francis is known for drinking mate, an Argentinian tea, it seems that the current Pope’s palate is a bit more refined. Pope Francis – or Jorge Mario Bergoglio – is also a wine aficionado. The taste for wine runs in the family. His grandfather was a...

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Allegrini Wines: An Experience of Excellence and Tradition

allegrini poggio al tesoro

Visit these vineyards at the Allegrini estate Villa della Torre The letter A is an important one in Valpolicella, a wine-growing region in the Veneto about an hour and half from Venice. A stands for Amarone della Valpolicella, the region’s most famous wine, and the Allegrini family, one of the wine’s most prestigious makers. Few Italian...

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5 Tips for Major Events in St Peter’s Square

You can see St Peter's Square empty only at night The Vatican is expecting millions of people in Rome on Sunday, April 27 for the canonization of two popes: Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II. This is a unique and historic event because no pope has ever made two other popes saints on the same day. However millions of people in St Peter’s...

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