Among Us APK + MOD Menu APK (v2020.11.4) Download for Android

Among Us is an Online Multiplayer game that has been trending all around the world and especially in United States. This is an innovative game that requires the players to apply mind and creativity to win the battle. Among Us can be played by 3 to 10 people at once. all the players need to co-ordinate and complete the given tasks, but the twist in the game is that one among your own group is an imposter who will be given the secret task to kill all other members, those who are not an imposter need to co-ordinate with each other and find the imposter and vote him out of the game, to win the battle. In this article we have provided the download links to Among Us APK v2020.11.4 and Among Us Mod APK with all features unlocked. Read the complete article to Download among us and know everything about this amazing game.

Download Among Us APK (Original)


Download Among Us APK


Download Among Us MOD APK


Download Among Us MOD APK

Among Us MOD Features:

  • Unlocked all skins.
  • Unlocked all pets.
  • Unlocked All Hats.
  • No Ads

How to Install Among Us APK on Android

Installing Among Us APK on your Android device is no different from installing any other APK file, if you are new to Android and unaware of the process, just follow the below given steps exactly to Install Among us on your phone.

Step 1: Download the Given Among Us APK file to your Android phone.

Step 2: Navigate to your Android settings and open “Security Settings”, there you have to enable “Unknown sources” option by checking the box next to it.

Step 3: Now open the Downloaded Among Us APK and click on install. Wait till the installation is completed successfully and a success message is displayed on screen.

Step 4: Click on “open” button once the installation is completed, to start playing Among us with your friends.

Hope it was easy for you to install this amazing game on your device, if you face any problem in the installation, you can contact us regarding the issue.

Among us App Description

Among Us APK

Among Us is an Online Multiplayer game developed by Innersloth, who have the history of making interesting  and mind consuming games. In Among Us you along with your friends (Or crew members) are travelling in a spaceship and to keep going in the game you need to complete the given tasks, while you are performing the tasks, the game will secretly make one of your crew members into an imposter and give the task to kill other players. The Imposter will win the game if he successfully manipulates other team members and kills everyone without getting caught, whereas the other players need to rightly identify the imposter and vote him out of the game to win. Below are some of the interesting features of Among Us that will elevate your interest in the game.

  • Chat with your friends/Crew members in between the game to discuss the strategy and find imposter.
  • You can play the game with your friends on Local wifi network without the need for internet data.
  • You can Play with upto 9 other players at a time.
  • Play in random rooms to meet new people and make friends.
  • Use the Customized skins and accessories to make your game unique.
  • The Admin map and cameras will help you keep an eye on all crewmates. Make sure to keep tabs and stay alert at all times to spot any sign of a defector.

Among Us FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Among Us Available on iOS?
Ans: yes, Among us is available for iOS on Apple App store you can directly download from there. Among Us is available for all the major platforms like Windows, Android and Ma.

2. Why is Among Us Popular?
Ans: Even though Among Us has been available for download from over 2 years, it gained the popularity in 2020 after many famous YouTubers and twitch users started streaming the game online. The game was instantly loved by the viewers due to its simple graphics and complicated gameplay.

3. Can you talk in Among Us with crew members?
Ans: You can use the chat feature to talk to your crew members in between the game, but right now there is no voice communication feature available, the developers feel that having voice communication option will ruin the fun element in-game.

4. How To Win As Impostor In Among Us?
Ans. As an impostor it is your job to pick off the crewmates 1 by 1 – Or 2 by 2, with a well-synchronized impostor team. Always memorize who the other impostors are and coordinate with them.

5. What Are The Among Us Common Tasks?
Ans. Common tasks is the tasks given to each player in different maps. But one thing remains consistent, Every crewmate in the lobby will have the exact same common tasks as the others. CardSwipe, Wires, keys, Boarding pass are all examples of common tasks.


Thanks for reading our complete guide on Among Us Game, hope you will enjoy playing it with your friends online. Don’t hesitate to share this article and Among Us Mod APK to your friends with whom you would like to play this amazing game. Bookmark this page and keep visiting regularly to download the latest version of the game.