Naples and the Amalfi Coast Honest Tips from the Experts

naples and the amalfi coast

Pizza, Volcanoes, and great sightseeing OH MY!

Dreaming of Pizza, Volcanoes, and beautiful scenery? Our very own Beth Rubin Manager of Custom Travel Planning & Sales as well a recipient of the Travel+ Leisure® A-List of Top Travel Agent award discusses Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Beth sat down with Chris Christensen, the host of the popular travel podcast, Amateur Travel,  to talk frankly about where to go and what to see.

Literal and figurative Pits and Peaks of Naples and the Amalfi Coast

As with most things in life, each location has pits and peaks, although Beth argues the peaks outweigh the pits. Beth gives an honest and fun description of her favorite places to visit in Naples and the Amalfi Coast, from museums and beautiful restaurants to the Underground scene of Naples. Beth also lays out what type of traveler will be attracted to each location. Garbage strikes are real and not for the faint of heart (or nose).

Why the Amalfi coast?

Beth suggests staying in Sorento as a great home base when in the Amalfi Coast. For flashier travelers she recommends Positano, where the rich and fabulous hang to see and be seen. If you are an artist visit Vietri Sul Mare, known for its beautiful ceramics. In the Amalfi coast you are surrounded by beauty but when asked to choose the most beautiful spot, Beth’s favorite is the Villa Rulofo in Ravello. Go to the Amalfi coast to experience, “views that smack you in the face, and the warmth of the people who are incredibly genuine.”

Why Naples

Naples holds a special place in Beth’s heart. It’s the first place she ever visited in Italy, not to mention outside of the United states. She describes Naples as nothing she had ever seen. Naples is a wonderful city but it is not for the faint of heart. Travelers need to be aware and alert at all times. At the same time the people are genuine and lovely.“Go to Naples if you want to eat the best pizza you’ve ever had in your entire life and experience a completely different culture.”

Hidden Gems:

In addition to her advice on Pompeii and Positano, Beth also highlights the less touristy hidden gems. These locations are equally amazing and less crowded. Translation- These are places you can walk without crashing into a sweaty distracted tourist in white sneakers. An example of this comparison is the difference between the archaeological sites of Pompeii vs Herculaneum. Beth describes the vast difference between the sites and highlights the pros and cons of each.

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Amateur Traveler Episode 514 – Travel to Naples and the Amalfi Coast, Italy




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