What Is Your #WineMoment Like?

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“In wine, there’s truth.” ― Pliny the Elder, Natural History

And also pleasant moments with friends, cultural habits, and history and tradition of a territory. A glass of wine can be more than just a glass of wine, this is what we found out from the #WineMoments you shared with us last week. Here you have a collection of the best pictures and tweets we received.

Enjoy them and thank you for participating in our #WineMoment week!

What is Your #WineMoment like?

A Few Words From The Expert…

Martina Zuccarello, Select Italy's Food and Wine Specialist

Select Italy’s Food and Wine Specialist

“Sharing a glass of well-made wine with friends, family, and loved ones is transcendent; it brings people together and often plays a central role at our most important of occasions. In the moment that the bottle is opened, the wine, which has a rich story of its own, becomes a part of your story. This is the beauty of a #winemoment and it is the experience that each of our food and wine services, such as a toast between the vines at Villa della Torre with Allegirni or a lunch on the terrace of San Polo, has been carefully constructed to create for travelers.”



If you’re visiting Italy and want to experience real Italian wine moments, check out our Wine Roads of Italy.

Do you have any questions about Italian wine? Leave a comment for our Food and Wine Specialist Martina!



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