The Sip: April’s Newsletter Roundup

Though the Select Italy blog has become an important touchstone with our international followers, we would like to re-introduce you to our monthly newsletter Cappuccino. Designed as the perfect complement to the Blog, Cappuccino is written by contributors from the company itself who are specialized in Italian travel and have personal experiences with Italy. With 32,000 loyal readers from around the globe, Cappuccino continues to be a reliable source of information for all-things Italy. Readers can expect a variety of articles that run the gamut from information on a new wine tour (such as the brilliant new Antinori Experience that was launched in April and will make fans of the Super Tuscan wines salivate from every corner of the globe), the delicate yet tasty process of making prosciutto in Parma, to travel tips and regional recipes.

Here you have April’s roundup, happy reading!

It’s all in the Family: Sitting Down with Allegra Antinori

The Antinori Family (Allegra, second from left)

The Antinori Family (Allegra, second from left)

When it comes to Tuscan wines, there are the traditionalists and then there are the Super Tuscans. Select Italy sat down with Allegra Antinori of the Antinori family that broke with tradition to bring Italian wine to new heights of fame and innovation to chat about what wine means to her family, to Italy and of course, to guests lucky enough to participate in Select Italy’s Antinori Experience.

Fashion in Pictures and Concepts

Anyone who knows anything about Italian style knows about the Sozzani sisters who dominate Milan’s fashion-conscious scene – Carla Sozzani rules the roost at Vogue Italia and Franca Sozzani runs the concept store that is the envy of them all, 10 Corso Como. Read more about who they are and how you can get a taste of Milan’s flair for fashion.

Salt Turns A Pig Leg into the Prince of Hams

If prosciutto (dry-cured ham, for the uninitiated) reigns supreme in Italy, then Parma is its proper kingdom. And how to turn a humble pig’s leg into something that is considered otherworldly for its delicious taste? Literally tons of salt. Read on…and you’ll decide that you’ll just have to visit Parma and see (ahem, taste) for yourselves.

Get Up Close and Personal With A Drone

While most of the connotations for the word “drone” are generally negative, one of the most sumptuous villas in all of Italy has decided to give the word a new spin. Villa d’Este in Tivoli decided to give visitors an inside view of the Tivoli experience by making a 3-minute video that sweeps over the luxurious property… filmed by a drone! Is your curiosity piqued? Read on!

thumbnailer (2)

Tagliatelle fresche al prosciutto crudo

Fresh Tagliatelle with Prosciutto Crudo

So you’ve decided to impress everyone (parents, friends, companions or all of the above) by serving a culinary masterpiece. This simple and (simply delicious) recipe requires only a few well-chosen ingredients for a taste that will transport you (sadly only mentally) to the heartland of prosciutto, Italy.




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