The Sip: May’s Newsletter Roundup

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Here you have a roundup of May’s release, buona lettura!

Colorful seaside houses are a trademark of Rovinj

Colorful seaside houses are a trademark of Rovinj

Of Truffles and Photo-ops Galore

We are not just Italy travel experts but Croatia as well and this article is all about Istria, an amazing region in the northern coast of Croatia. In the past two years this region has gained a lot of exposure thanks both to the famous chef and television personality Anthony Bourdain for appreciating its superb cuisine; and to some leading travel magazines for promoting its beautiful surroundings, romantic medieval villages, and remarkable hospitality.

Bem-vindo to Brazilians Seeking Luxury and Italian Enjoyment

Discover Select Italy’s new website dedicated to Brazilian and Portuguese travelers interested in traveling to Italy. With full-time customer care in Portuguese and the new website, new clients will be able to find all the most popular services tweaked to meet the needs and enhance the experiences of the Portuguese-speaking visitors.

All Aboard on Italo and Trenitalia

Train travel in Italy is a popular option and before you decide to book your train ticket, you should get to know Italy’s rail offerings. Italo, the most technologically advanced train in Europe, is the new entry and Trenitalia’s first competitor. Read about all its history, high standard services and amenities in our article!

Fave e Cicoria

Fave e Cicoria

Mamma Mia, the Masserie!

Puglia was named one of “Wine Enthusiast’s” Top Ten Wine Destinations of the World, and you will be surprised to know that our Food and Wine specialist Martina, didn’t go there just to taste the best wines that this great region offers… She had another mission: learn everything about Masserie, the traditional Puglian farmhouses. Read on and find out what she discovered.

Beans and Greens

Viktorija Todorovska, author of The Puglian Cookbook: Bringing the Flavors of Puglia Home, shared with us an healthy but tasty recipe of the Puglian cuisine: beans and greens. This easy to make and flavor-rich dish can be paired with Puglian read wines from negroamaro and primitivo grapes.

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