TBD: Italian Culture

TBD. Most reading this are familiar with this ubiquitous acronym, but let me spell it out for you…just in case: To Be Determined. From wikipedia:

To be announced (TBA), […] and to be determined (TBD) are placeholder terms used very broadly to indicate that although something is scheduled or expected to happen, a particular aspect of that thing remains to be arranged.

That is, in one word: unknown. Can’t say these three letters placed side by side are the most welcomed of acronyms; to a people who like to plan, they can be a little annoying, if not daunting.

At this point you might be wondering why an Italian travel blog is spelling out English acronyms. There is a simple answer: Italy’s cultural operations live largely under the premise of “TBD” – in fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if that was plastered on the walls of some important government building that makes the decisions about cultural happenings. As any of you who have tried booking museum tickets far in advance know, many museums (except the Last Supper and many major Florence museums) only release tickets a month or two ahead of time, with no rhyme or reason as to when or how many months will be released. It’s all a guessing game…or TBD.

David in Florence museum

David in Florence in the Accademia

Every year, millions wait in anticipation for the release of the dates, and it is no different this year, other than the recent news that Italian institutions have postponed this week of celebration of Cultural heritage to a no-less specified date in 2013. However, loyal Italian culture-lovers, rest your mind at ease because while biting your nails in anticipation, you can browse the latest cultural news, events, and facts on the Select Italy blog and newsletter, or participate in your local events for the 2013 Year of Italian Culture in the US. And furthermore, the TBD date is also TBA, and as soon as it is, you will be informed from us. Check back at the Select Italy site and blog for the most recent updates (…rumor says the week may be held the next November)!

*Regarding the culture week, please take into account that both Select Italy and the museum charge a booking fee, resulting in the reduced, but not always free, fare. Please also be aware guided tours during these weeks will not be free of charge. This offer to attend museums for free is hosted by most of the major cities, such as Florence, Venice, Rome and Milan. Our suggestions? If in Venice make sure to check Palazzo Ducale off of your list, while when in Milan, the Last Supper is a must see! But we have to admit that in all cities we love this opportunity to visit the most famous museums, as well as the lesser-known hidden gems, and recommend them all!

Stay tuned for the exact date of this year’s culture week!



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