The Sip: October’s Newsletter Roundup


The ancient and enchanting town of Matera

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Here’s a roundup of October’s release, buona lettura!

All Eyes on Basilicata in 2019

At Select Italy, we already started singing the praises of Matera… And we were right! Matera stands out among other Italian contenders. This is the first time in the history that a Southern Italian city has been chosen to be one of the European Capitals of Culture for 2019. Have a look at this article to discover what makes Basilicata such a great region and how it made the successful bid!

Welcome to a Foodie’s Paradise

Piedmont: a region to discover! A center for international food fairs; the home of the slow food movement and Eataly; the hub of great chocolate, cheese, and wines. But Piedmont is more than this: it is not only a Foodie’s Paradise, but also a unique cultural environment that will fascinate you with all its treasures.

A Day with Friends on Sicily’s Magnificent Volcano

Etna, the magnificent Sicily’s Volcano, hides great secrets for you to discover. One of these is the beautiful land, with its agricultural abundance and unique soil that can make unique wines. Find out what this region can offer… After reading, you’ll want to experience this magnificent tour:  Mt. Etna Wine Road: A Journey through the Vines of the Volcano, full of good wines, regional delicacies, and Italian hospitality.

Recipe of the Month – Pasta alla Norma

A Sicilian dish characterized by the mix of tangy, salty, and crumbly ricotta salata cheese, the sweet flavor of fried eggplants, and the delicate taste of tomato sauce. Everybody from the South of Italy loves this meal, but discover Nonna Zuccarello’s amazing recipe… A specialty worth trying!

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