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The trolleys of the tourists who visit Venice can damage piazzas and bridges

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Here is a roundup of November’s release, buona lettura!

Help Save a Landmark of Renaissance Architecture

#CrazyforPazzi… This is the name of the campaign aiming at raising funds to save the loggia of the Pazzi Chapel, a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture in Florence. Built in the 15th century by one of the greatest architect of the time, Filippo Brunelleschi, the Loggia of the chapel needs an urgent action. The non-profit institution in charge of the church’s administration, Opera di Santa Croce, was able to raise about 50% of the funds, but this time an Italian treasure needs your help. By giving your support, you not only can help preventing the deterioration of the amazing Florentine symbol, but you can also become part of the history of the Basilica of Santa Croce.

Venice Wheelie Bag Ban Not True

Have you heard one of the latest news regarding the wheelie bag ban in the beautiful Italian gem, Venice? Well, you are still safe since this prohibition has been denied. It is true that the trolleys of the tourists who visit the city can damage piazzas, bridges, and alleys and cause noise pollution, but until suitcases with inflatable tires are not on the market, the plonk, plonk, plonk of the wheels can still be a characteristic of La Serenissima. So do not hesitate to book a vacation to Venice!

A Sparkling Twist on Your Traditional Holiday Menu

Bollicine, bollicine, bollicine (bubbles, bubbles, bubbles)… This is the perfect word for your holiday toast. And the Northern region of Trentino has you covered with its sophisticated Ferrari sparkling wines. With their long-lasting tradition, the Cantine Ferrari are a must for your Italian vacation and for a sparkling twist on your holiday meal. For a perfect match, stop by the Michelin-starred locale, Locanda Margon, which offers the so called Menu Bollicine, a savory multi-course meal characterized by tasty recipes and the right wine pairings.

Recipe of the month: Pumpkin and Bietola Lasagne

It is not Thanksgiving and not fall without pumpkin! This tasty recipe combines the sweet flavor of squash along with the rich taste of Parmesan and bietola (Swiss chard). This is a new and delicious dish to share with your loved ones during the holidays. Pair it with the right white wine and you will immediately love it.

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3 thoughts on “The Sip: November’s Newsletter Roundup

  1. Do you not think it somewhat irresponsible to first point out that luggage wheels damage bridges and piazzas in Venice and in then tell people not to worry how much weight they’re dragging along behind them? And as for being charmed by the Venetians, no doubt they will be, IF they ever meet one. With less than 60,000 residents and far more tourists arriving daily, that isn’t likely to happen.

    • Dear Frank,
      We certainly did not want to give the impression that anything goes, and people should be careless when traversing this beautiful city. Our company strives to promote conservation of our cultural, artistic, and natural heritage, and to encourage responsible tourism as much as possible. Our intention was simply to report the news, and inform people of the status of the current laws, as this false report caused a bit of a stir, with many people vowing not to ever return to Venice. Unfortunately, legislators also face difficult choices when it comes to protecting this city which derives so much of its income from tourism and has, as you pointed out, so few year-round inhabitants. In this case, they targeted a sub-group of people who damage the streets, who transport heavier cargo that does more damage, and, for now, leaving the tourists to do as they have. We removed the sentence you took issue with so as not to give the unfounded impression that “everything goes” and that we condone damaging the city. If at all possible, travelers should avoid carrying heavy luggage on hard wheels through the city, but if they do have a rolling cart and need to use it, a few pounds of luggage is not going to make a difference.

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