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Here is a roundup of April’s release, buona lettura!

Slow is the way to go to Umbria

When it comes to promoting food and its quality, Italy always stands out as being one of the leading countries. In particular, we are talking about the Slow Food movement, which emphasizes the importance of eating healthy, nutritious home-made food rather than processed food, which is not good for you. The Slow Food movement has furthered its reach by selecting Slow Cities, towns where you can live the Slow Life, at a more deliberate pace, with health and sustainability at the core, and, among others, chose towns in Umbria as the perfect example, due their healthy and relaxed lifestyle.

Select Italy is proud to help promote the Slow Life with three tours that will take you to breathtaking places and allow you to immerse yourself in their food and culture on non-polluting transportation, like horses and bicycles.

Select Italy Brazil Celebrates its First Birthday

One year has passed after Select Italy decided to help its Portuguese-speaking clients, by offering a service second to none. Our team of experts have so far provided tips, email and phone customer support, along with our Portuguese-language website, which have been a precious source of information for Select Italy clients. They have made it possible for clients to plan their holidays in Italy in the easiest way possible and in their own language, eventually, making their vacation absolutely unique.

Mi chiamo Bond, James Bond

The new 007 will be set in Rome. This movie, which is considered to be one of the greatest movie franchises ever existed will bring its excellent cast, from the British actor Daniel Craig, to the beautiful Monica Bellucci as the latest Bond Girl, to Rome.

It is very likely that Trastevere will have a prominent role in the movie. We are talking about one of the most beautiful places in Rome, very appreciated especially by tourists.

If you want to know more about the local reaction to this particular event in Rome and what Select Italy has planned in the wonderful Trastevere, read the full article.

Tagliatelle with Fava Beans and Sausage

The Select Italy menu of April includes a delicious plate of pasta, whose ingredients are all fresh and healthy. It is the season for fava beans, which pair well with tagliatelle. To this tasty plate of pasta, fresh Italian sausage will be added in order to make this simple dish absolutely delectable.


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